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  • free2beme

    It was a myth that was born from a regional flood that happened in the Middle East or perhaps even Europe. There are examples found in regions of the world, in fossil records, that some areas experienced serious flooding due to natural dams breaking, heavy rain seasons, and other events that could lead to floods. Whereas today the news media and world of science would keep these things in mind and present the fact of how and why. In the past, they would have been passed down as a legend and in many cases with something of divine origin. Just remember, they have never found the arc on the mountain and have taken tons of satellite photos of it. In this modern world, it would have been found by now.

  • heathen

    hamster --- I was wanting you to prove the theory that there was greater atmospheric pressure . I'm just stating what's in genesis , whether you believe it or not is not difference to me . free2beme--- Genesis says the Ark landed on the the mountains of arrarat not specifically the highest peak of the mountain but the foot hill more likely . Personally I think they did find evidence of a large vessel in the area . I've even seen huge anchors made of stone which don't seem to be there for any good reason .

  • morty

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder how long Noah was sitting ( doing crosswords/knitting) in the ark before they actual started to where they sitting for days, or hours before they were off floating??...

    I also wanted to know if they cooked on the ark? I assume there would be a lot of work going on just to feed all the animals never mind trying to get a meal cooked for themselves..

    Is there a number of actual humans that were on board as well?

  • AlanF

    badboy, I suggest that you take a look at this link, which answers your question in painful detail:


  • Arthur
    badboy, I suggest that you take a look at this link, which answers your question in painful detail:

    I have the article here at home that AlanF wrote about the flood. It is an excellent read, and a good source of research. I highly recommend it.

  • hamsterbait

    heathen -

    I don't need to prove any "theory" about air pressure. The FACT is that gravity pulls everything above the surface of the earth down. With the current atmosphere, gravity pulling down generates air pressure of 15 pounds psi.

    If you belive that water covered Mount Ararat to a depth of 5km, just work out the weight of water pressing down on each square inch of the earth. It is the same whether it was water vapor, or liquid. The density and weight of water are easily ascertained from any physics text book, as are the gravity of the earth and necessary ambient temperature necessary to keep water as vapor at any given air pressure.

    Then consult a mathematical text to work out the answer for yourself.

    These laws don't need me to prove them.

    Or did you too drop out of school because the WT told you Armageddon is so soon?


  • hamsterbait


    There is no archaeological evidence of pre-flood knitting. SILLY BOY!

    ANYWAY - God told Noah that in just 7 days more the flood would come, so he should load the animals on board.

    With the numbers of animals claimed by creationists, they would have had to load an animal on board every 35 seconds continuously 24 hrs a day for seven days. Eight people did this, not assuming that, in line with WT ideas, the four women were probably cooking pies for their men and dusting.

    How the Elephants, hippos, horses, deer, lions tree sloths and bears must have flitted up that gang plank!!

    And of course, since elephants horses and hippos generate hundreds of pounds of manure between them each day somebody would have to be digging a space in the ever growing heap of crap every 35 seconds to make room for the next animal.

    "Okay Japheth, that's the last Bee Hummingbird, make space in that pile for a panda."

    There would be no time to knit you daffy thing!!


  • heathen

    Nope , wasn't a dubby just discussing the belief system and what the bible says . Sorry I didn't take any physics or meteorology in my day . Things do fall to the earth true but only things not flying fast enough to avoid the gravitational pull , thus why we have satellites in orbit . could also depend how much hellium was in the atmospher or other gases at the time that are lighter than air . Lots of things to consider before coming to a conclusion . Your word is not the end all of it either. I bet you were the one that dropped out of school because the big A was getting that close .....

  • garybuss

    Noah never had a flood. God had a flood. Noah had a boat.

  • M.J.

    ok, whatever! To reach a pressure of a billion psi a column of water would have to be 436,867.2 miles high, or 55 times the diameter of the earth--and that's assuming a uniform acceleration of gravity, which is quite unrealistic in this case. Ok ok, perhaps 'billions' was an exaggeration. but in any case, the thing about water is, it applies pressure pretty darn evenly! And it's lighter than dirt!

    The only way I can figure is there was something like a big ol firehose in the sky blastin holes in the earth...oh ok so that's how the Grand Canyon was formed... (never mind about the air turbulance from such a blast)

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