Anyone forcibly removed?

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  • garybuss

    Here's the vending machine story.

    Never have I been more aware of the lengths that the Watch Tower Society was willing to go to maintain their donations and their control of us Witnesses than I was at the District assembly in Bismarck ND in 1975. This is where I began to doubt my acceptance level of the doctrine called the Doctrine called the "Theocratic War Strategy" (TWS). That is, the viewpoint that says it is all right to lie to Jehovah's enemies. (See Aid and Insight under lie)

    My wife and 2 small sons and I were at a district assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in Bismarck ND. I took most of the responsibility for my oldest son (about 2 1/2 years old) so my wife could devote her attention to the little guy. At breakfast I had picked up a roll of rainbow lifesavers for my son. Early in the afternoon they ran out. There was a candy vending machine at the convention . . . and I was saved. The machine was working and stocked and we got a roll of rainbow lifesavers.

    The second day at breakfast, I forgot to buy lifesavers in the restaurant. I told my 2 1/2 year old son, "Don't worry, we'll get some at the assembly", but when I caught up with him at the vending machine there was a roll paper banner (that looked an awful lot like the paper on the temporary cafeteria tables) covering the machine held on with scotch tape that was hand lettered with a magic marker that said "OUT OF ORDER". This is a crisis. My little son looked almost panicked when I told him what the sign said. I told him that if the machine was really broke that we would go back to the store and get some candy. He watched with big eyes as I carefully pulled up one corner of the "out of order" sign and sneaked a quarter in the vending machine that I could now see had been freshly stocked. The quarter went "CLUNK" (sounded like someone dropped a manhole cover). Carefully I pulled the lever and out rolled a rainbow lifesavers candy roll.

    Hmmmm repeat above.

    Oops! Just as the second offensive rainbow lifesavers hit the tray, two Society assembly security officers (convention cops called "attendants") were between us and the "out of order" machine. They physically pushed us back away from the machine with their bellies and said in a rather arrogant manner "The machine is out of order . . . Brother." I said "You are a liar . . . brother."

    One said" You wait right here while we get brother Matz."
    I indicated I would be rather glad to wait for brother Matz and that I was anxious to hear him explain this lie. Pretty soon they rushed back and asked me my name. I told them and they trotted off again, apparently to see brother Matz. Pretty soon here they come, briskly walking, back to confront the culprit (me), without brother Matz . They said "Brother Matz said you can use the machine just keep it to a minimum." I was shocked, my son cried, and it was a lie.

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Many times I remember sisters getting up and walking out of the hall when a certain brother made some comments which offended them!!

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Yup....I've seen similar events at big jw meetings, having served as an attendant I know that alot of brothers let the "authority" get to their heads!!

  • moshe

    I was physically removed from a KH in 1988- I stood up and disagreed with the WT study conductor ( I just dropped into a KH during an out of town work assignment) about a topic called "absolute spiritual endangerment" Two large brothers grabbed me from my seat and pushed me out of the KH. I can still see the look of shock on the face of some Brothers and Sisters- Someone had actually challenged the authority of the WT leaders!

    I also had a brother try and hit me out in field service- I saw the Witnesses working a street, s-oo I just parked my car and joined the group. As I walked down the sidewalk with them, I tried to jog their memory about, 1914,1925,princes on earth, Beth Sarim, 1975, etc. I even followed them to a couple doors and told the householder to beware of these false prophets! Finally a lifelong elder of about 70 snapped and decided to try and take a swing at me. As he raised his fist I reminded him that "only the meek will inherit the earth- I guess that's not you" -In disgust he gave up and the group of four got in his car and left the territory. I sure wish Danny Haszard could have been with me on that one.



  • katiekitten
    "Brother Matz said you can use the machine just keep it to a minimum."

    OMG thats unbelievable. I wonder what the spiritual guidance on Vending Machine use was then??

    Stupid dumb asses. Keep it to a minimum!!! Like you had suddenly become a sweetie addict and needed a fix every 20 minutes. Jeez... words fail me...

  • jayhawk1

    Wow, so that is the vending machine story. What the hell? It's not like I didn't bring my own lifesavers, gum, gummy bears, and a packed cooler full of sandwiches and lunch items so I didn't have to wait in line when they used to serve food. Where was the rule you can't purchase something from a vending machine? I've seen strange behavior like roping off seats that nobody can set in and then policing the area to keep everybody out as if it is some crime to cross the yellow rope. But that is about the vending machine story is about the dumbest thing ever.

  • katiekitten

    When I was about 19 my fiance got told to take his hat off at an assembly at a football ground (hence outside).

    This was in Sheffield, where loads of old Yorkshire men were wearing caps and trilbys. My boyf was wearing a trilby, but because he was young it looked quite trendy. So he got told to take it off. I never got to the bottom of the spiritual reasoning behind it. It was just a young jerk with an attendants badge, he was prolly jealous.

  • Elsewhere

    Several years ago I was invited to my sister's wedding. After the ceremony they were doing the traditional family photos and I noticed that the photographer kept "forgetting" to include me in the photos.

    Later an elder went up to the state and said that "everyone" was invited to the wedding reception. I asked where it was being held and no one would tell me... so I just followed all of the cars leaving the parking lot.

    I arrived and immediately after I placed my gift on the gift table some elders approached my elder dad and talked for a moment... my dad then walked over to me and asked me to leave. Apparently JWs are not supposed to eat with people who Disassociate. I said, while pointing to my head: "Dad, they've got you.", and I turned and quietly walked out.

    Ironically, a few months ago my grandmother died. Before the funeral my grandfather (and PO) approached me and told me I was more than welcome to attend the dinner and reception afterward.

  • jayhawk1

    I think those attendent badges give some of the guys a little power trip. Perhaps they are trying to make up for some other short coming?

  • bikerchic

    At one of the DC's in Arizona a couple of young guys (fleshly brothers too) got into a tiff which turned into a fisticuff and they were escorted from the assembly hall by several biggish Attendants.

    My BIL's congregation was held up at gun point during one of the Friday night Service meetings and one of the brothers (a big black guy) went outside with the thugs trying to get them out of the hall and was pistol whipped so bad he ended up in the hospital.

    This hall was in a bad part of town and after that the doors were locked five minutes before the start of every meeting and you could not go outside for any reason during the meeting! Lock-down! Scary!

    I'm glad Jehober protected them from harm!

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