Gen Xers--Who remembers when Smurfs were Demonic?

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  • riverofdeceit

    I heard one of a smurf poster that kept falling off the wall( in some kids bedroom) and trying to smother the kid. I also heard the not being able to burn smurf stuff stories and the smurfs running up the KH aisle. We only had one or two channels of tv so if the smurfs were on we watched it anyhow (on the off chance we were home on Saturday morning) Usually didn't have the chance to watch the damn smurfs anyway cuz of field service.

  • Fleur

    Boy do I ever, I actually referred to that totally by coincidence in a thread I started today LOL

    Your book looks like a real good read, apostawriter! Will have to check into that. Have bookmarked the blog too.

    Welcome to JWD wonderwoman, what a kickin' avatar!



    of the (yeah, I had to throw out my stuffed smurfs, class, which stunk cause I bought them with my own allowance!) class and the
    hey, wait a minute, how come the evil female smurf had dark hair and the 'good' smurfette was blonde???

  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    i heard it as...a little girl had been given Smurf curtains for her bedroom and the first night she awoke to find the evil Smurfs had jumped off the curtains and began dancing around her room, laughing demonically.


  • AudeSapere
    freedomlover wrote: I am planning my next tattoo and I was thinking of doing a tribute to the jw folklore of the smurfs, and getting a totally demonized, slutty looking smurfette tattoed somewhere in my nether region......HA HA HA!

    I LOVE this idea. You'll have to show us when it's done.

    I went to the UK in '78 and had not yet seen/heard of Smurfs. I thought they were cute and come home with a few smurf toys and 2 records for my little brother. When I started hearing rumors about them being demonic, I just didn't believe it. I hid the records and still have them! (45's) <= should be a 'blue' smug smilie...


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Man you guys got it ALL wrong!

    A smurf floated THROUGH the Kingdom Hall and I know someone who knows someone who SEEN it.

    Just like the lady that tore the page out of the Bible, oh yeah the page with Jehovahs name on it, the Scripture of validation- Psalms 83:18. I know someone who was there! yep she says; "No! God's name aint Jehovah!" (publisher shows her Psalms 83:18) Householder ripps page out of Bible and says defiantly; "well it aint there now"! ...anyone remember that one?

  • bikerchic

    LOL I was one of those JW Mom's who didn't care if my kids watched the Smurf's on TV, ate the cereal, listened to the music or had Smurf toys. We just hid it all on Tues night when we had book study in our house.

    Smurf'olicious fun!

  • apostawriter

    wow, your stories are totally bringing it all back...about the wallpaper...have you heard the one about Smurfs biting children?


  • freddi

    i am 46 and i remember that mess. i was instructed not to let my son watch the Smurfs on t.v. i always was kind of mixed up over their decision but as you know, no one could question the GB.

  • crazyblondeb


    I remember this all too well. Just a couple weeks ago my sister bought me a smurf at a garage sale. I sat it on my entertainment center, where everyone who comes in has to see it. My mom did a double take, but never said a word!


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