Gen Xers--Who remembers when Smurfs were Demonic?

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  • apostawriter

    When word came down that a Smurf jumped up in the middle of a meeting, yelled 'I've had enough of this shit!' and stormed out, I was probably 9 years old. At the time I had a Smurf record. That week, my aunt had noticed that the record skipped (I guess that had nothing to do with the gaping HOLE in it). Naturally, we had to get the demons out of the house and cracking it into vinyl slivers became a family affair.

    What was your Smurf-a-licious experience?

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  • Mary

    Actually, until I came on this board, I don't think I really knew that smurfs were demonic......I also didn't know that Dubs weren't supposed to play chess. Guess I wasn't paying close enough attention at de meetings.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Yeah, I remember about the smurfs. There were all kinds of different stories going around about them. At the same time there were certain records you couldn't listen to because they said "satan" etc when you played them backwards. Those little trolls with the wild hair were demonized too.

    Thankfully, my mother didn't listen to those stories. I remember my friends having to throw out all their albums, get rid of toys etc. I didn't have to thow anything away, and could watch the cartoons!!


  • freedomlover

    he he he....

    yeah, I remember the smurf folklore. we still watched them though - most of my family didn't buy into that story.

    I am planning my next tattoo and I was thinking of doing a tribute to the jw folklore of the smurfs, and getting a totally demonized, slutty looking smurfette tattoed somewhere in my nether region......HA HA HA!

    I need someone to design it for me though......any offers?

  • wonderwoman

    My parents didn't let us have any demonic smurfy stuff. they heard that a jw parent was burning their kid's smurf quilt in the back yard (a common practice for ridding thyself of demonic materials. what??) and *poof*, that little demon came screaming right out of the fire. nicely done. scare the shit out of your children. no wonder I still have nightmares.

  • DannyBloem

    I used to collect those smurfs and make a smurf of those smurfs. When we had the smurf-study at our house, the were visible somewhere at the top of the smurf, and all were looking at them, but nobody gave a smurf about it.

  • AuldSoul

    Yep. I remember. All the stories, the ones that wouldn't burn even when soaked in mineral spirits, the ones that choked people, the ones that ran down the aisles of Kingdom Halls, or jumped up into the back windows of cars and waved menacingly just before the car wrecked, or carried on conversations with unsuspecting children, or took themselves out of fireplaces and sat back on the mantle unscorched...the list goes on and on.

  • jwcol

    I remember that too, LOL.

    I also remember it was said on stage, maybe even at a convention, can't remember that the name of the band RUSH meant "Riders Under Satan's Hand". Everyone was scared to listen to that demonic music. I got older and listened to Rush and it's the most wholesome music on the air, no sex, no drugs, no demonism, nothing at all. Songs about trees, guitars, cars, music, that's it.

  • Mamacat

    I remember that they were supposedly demonic, but I never heard the accompanying urban legends. My mom made me throw my Smurf underwear into a trash bag and then she shattered the cute little Smurf glasses we got at a fast food place. I believed what I was told about Gargamel being the devil though. I must've been about 8.

    When I lived in Germany in the late 90's, Smurf stuff was everywhere. I bought myself a Smurfette figurine.

  • apostawriter

    Mamacat, good for you! Buy that stuff up and show 'em you ain't afraid. Tattoos are a good way to rebel, post-congregation (the children inside us don't die)


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