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  • sspo

    Although house-calling is expected, Witnesses say they don't do it because they are forced to.

    How many witnesses truly would go house to house if they were not forced to.

    You cannot even get baptized unless you put in a reasonable amount of hours in the ministry.

    If the Watchtower would announce no more door to door, most likely there would be an increase in their membership since living on earth forever is not a bad idea.

  • Christian Peper
    Christian Peper

    We should investigate the most outspoken pro- watchtower reporters and lawyers. I bet we would find that some are part of marketing groups that sighed non disclosure statements. Also, be sure to put anti cult fliers on car windows when you can.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I sent an email to the author.

    I doubt he will reply - perhaps the author is a witness too?


  • MinisterAmos

    Institute for the Study of American Religion
    PO BOX 90709
    SANTA BARBARA, CA 93190-0709

    Drop the good Rev a line and let him know how wrong he is....

  • done4good
    Mark this! I have observed a summer trend of the Watchtower's "news releases" to exalt good ole "God's Kingdom" so that JW's appear as good ole boys & girls who come to your door to promote the generic Kingdom of God and in 15-20 years the whole 1914 generation Jesus enthronement to kingly power will be an apostate invention just like 1975.

    I agree, but I tend to doubt it will take 15-20 years. The jws seem to be "migrating" away from the whole 1914 thing since the change in the "generation" understanding in 1995. Another 10 years would put that at just over the 20 year mark, (and it would also be 2016!!!), They'd have to give it up by then.


  • DannyHaszard

    GOTCHA! Rick Ross: Is "Religious Scholar" J. Gordon Melton A "Vampire" ...
    Post Chronicle - 11 minutes ago
    ... for all of his travel expenses. Now Mr. Melton offers up his apologies for Jehovah's Witnesses. In an article published by the Grand ...

    Rick Ross: Is "Religious Scholar" J. Gordon Melton A "Vampire" Helper? By Rick Ross
    Aug 15, 2006
    J. Gordon Melton has made a substantial income over the years by selling himself as a "cult apologist." His list of clients has included the notorious "Children of God" (COG) known for its fund raising through prostitution and child sexual abuse. As CultNews previously reported Melton received $10,000.00 from a charity controlled by COG members, now known as "The Family." He has also defended the existence of "Ramtha" — the 35,000-year-old spirit from the "Lost Continent of Atlantis" allegedly channeled by Judy Z. Knight for her follower's edification in Yelm, Washington. Melton was hired by Knight to "research" her claims and concluded that she is "not a fraud." It seems that no matter how bad or ridiculous a purported "cult" may be Gordon Melton can come up with an apology, for the right price. This same "researcher" also traveled to Japan after the cult Aum gassed subways in Tokyo and surmised quickly that the group "was a victim of excessive police pressure." Aum reportedly paid for all of his travel expenses. Now Mr. Melton offers up his apologies for Jehovah's Witnesses . In an article published by the Grand Rapids Press , largely skewed to the Witness point-of-view, the supposed "religious scholar" and former UC Santa Barbara library worker claimed the controversial religious organization is "very benign." Melton apparently chose to ignore the many Witnesses that have died due to their religion's rules regarding blood transfusion. And he likewise neglected mentioning the frequent court interventions ordered by judges around the world that have at times saved the lives of Witness children. Kids that needed blood who would have otherwise become a needless sacrifice made by Witness parents through medical neglect.

    Melton also ignored the countless families that become estranged because of the undue influence exerted by Jehovah's Witnesses and its leaders. A seemingly endless stream of child custody battles that trail in the wake of Witness divorces, when one spouse won't follow another into conversion, prompted by the door-to-door proselytizers. And then there is the Jehovah's Witnesses sexual abuse scandal , a series of allegations concerning the church's inadequate handling of reports regarding child molestation made by its members. Never mind about all these very serious issues. Mr. Melton says the Witnesses should be thanked for "some of the basic rights we enjoy today [which] they won for us." He means like the right to pester people at their homes repeatedly through unwanted visits with redundant prophecies of doom. Mr. Melton is also reportedly fascinated with vampires. Maybe there is something about people dying over blood loss that makes Melton a fan of both Jehovah's Witnesses and the mythical predators of the night? Perhaps Gordon Melton sees himself as something like a familiar, the people who according to some stories guard the vampire's lair during the day when they are confined to coffins. Protecting their "Master" while the sun shines, so that he can crawl out safely at night to prey upon humanity. In much the same sense Melton the "scholar" can be seen as a protector providing cover for his "cult" patrons that exploit others. He offers up apologies about how supposedly benevolent they are, thus shielding them from "persecution" so that they can continue to recruit unsuspecting potential victims. Sound a bit over the top? Jim Jones was responsible for the cult mass murder-suicide of more than 900 people in Jonestown November 18, 1978. However, Mr. Melton said , "This wasn't a cult. This was a respectable, mainline Christian group." Whether it's Dracula or a murderous cult leader like Jim Jones, J. Gordon Melton apparently sees something "respectable." Rick Ross is an independent columnist
    More articles from: Rick Ross


    Thank you Rick!

  • DannyHaszard
    Now Mr. Melton offers up his apologies for Jehovah's Witnesses. In an article published by the Grand ...

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  • Morocco

    Jehovah Says: Look guys I'm not forcing you to go out in service, but think about why its called SERVICE. I mean, I can't help but notice that you haven't been hitting the numbers lately, so we need to remember how easy it is to fall away from doing what is right. This is your choise and you should remember that but Jesus said to go door to door. Even tho its your choise the bible says if youre a watchtower guard and you don't warn people of the coming danger that you could be BLOODGUILTY of their death because you had a LIFESAVING message... your choise tho.

  • anewme

    Thankyou Danny for keeping us aprised of the JW news out there. But jeez this was awful stuff!
    You're going to have to start rating the news you share for nausea content!

  • RunningMan

    J. Gordon Melton is a cofounder of CESNUR, which is an organization founded and funded by cults and fringe religious groups to lobby for their interests.

    Not only is he not objective, but he is even paid for his statements.

    It just goes to show, every time the JWs quote an "objective source" there is usually a catch.

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