Jesus said his load would be light, the Witnesses made that load very heavy

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  • Arthur
    Well I need some help in letting the witnesses know, in a nice way that I really don't want them coming to my auto repair shop every freaking Saturday and insisting I come back int to fold. Any Ideas how to let them down easily? A lot of them are my customers.

    Here are some suggestions: 1) Put out a Billy Graham book in a prominent place where they can see it. 2) When they leave, as they are walking out, say: "God bless you". 3) Hang a velvet painting of Jesus in your office or work area. 4) Tell them that you are in a Yoga class. 5) Put on one of those fake clip-on earrings. 6) Hang one of those glossy presidential photos of George W. Bush in your shop. 7) Grow a beard 8) Just tell them that you are reading a copy of the Finished Mystery 9) Wear one of those red, white, and blue T-shirts that say "United We Stand". 10) Just say some endearing things about Jesus (this alone will make them flee in terror)

  • evergreen

    Often i used to think "is it just me" when the scripture was mentioned about our load being light assemblies meetings etc.

    I would then run through everything that was involved in being a Jdub.

    5 meetings a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) Field service (average 2 days a week including Saturday), Study preparation and preparation for parts at the meeting every week ( Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, usually evenings).

    All this whilst having to work for the week to provide food an shelter for the family.

    Now i can see it wasnt just me and feel sorry for those stuck in that " Heavy and burdensome Rut".

  • free2beme

    The pace at which the Witness religion pushes their people is much like a student in college, in that they are expected to keep it at the forefront of their mind at all times to be ready for a test. If you have ever experienced college, then you know that mental pace leads to a lot of burn out and the one thing that keeps you going is the idea that you know each class and each semester is one step closer to a degree. Once you have that degree and get into the position you wanted, then it is much easier from their. As most, if not all jobs, are far easier then the education required to get you there. With this in mind, how could anyone expect their people to take on this same kind of load for so many years without any realistic hope of graduation. It is expected, that in time you will have many drop-outs. As this is one of the most common things in universities, who push this hard, as well.

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