September 2006 Kingdom Ministry! MAJOR issue!

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  • Elsewhere
    The secret why they will not publish a new book?

    I'm sure they have printed the new version, only they are not telling the JWs to all go and get a new one because they know that the JWs will not poney up and actually pay donate for them.

    They are willing to risk pissing off JWs by exposing their lies in order to save a buck.

  • lovelylil

    It is very sad because the majority of the Witnesses will think that the changes are due to Jehovah speeding things up during these end times. And they will feel even more blessed and special because that is how they have been conditioned. I can see the JWs speeding up the work, going to more meetings etc because of the "new light".

    As a matter of fact, a young married couple recently decided to pioneer and moved back home with the hubby's parents to do this. They live down the street from me. I recently noticed the whole family is cleaning houses for a living together to make ends meet. They must really be struggling as the Boston area is very expensive to live in. Anywhere on the coast we all know is hard to make a living. Anyway, I think it is sad because this young man who I knew since he was around 12 and his young wife will struggle all their lives with money just like his parents did. His dad is an elder and was notorious for getting hand outs from our congregation. He must have been helped at least 10 times that I know of, possibly more.

    The young man is a MS and he is a Hard Core JW. Sad, I thank God every day that I am out!

  • belbab


    Does the KM call these changes corrections?

    Aren't they more like white washings?


  • Elsewhere
    He must have been helped at least 10 times that I know of, possibly more.

    Such a fine, upstanding hustler.

  • mama1119

    Its kind of creepy that they have such mind control over the group that the group will just nod their heads and bring along the corrections to the next bibile study.

  • thecarpenter

    Does anyone have a scan of the sept 2006 km?

  • Gregor

    "peel and stick" truth! I love that.

    If it were the truth it would be engraved in stone. How many trees have been sacrificed to replace old truth with new truth? It is insanity!

    Like to hear their justification for the toll in suffering that the Bethel layoffs are causing. Automation? They sound like GM trying to bump up the bottom line by laying off hundreds just before Christmas.

  • AuldSoul

    the carpenter:

    Here ya' go:

    You can also use V's thread (linked on page one of this thread) to reference back to the scan.


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