Red flags

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  • garybuss

    After you're dead, you can stand up and piss . . . . sounds easy to me.
    That's the nice part about delusions . . . anything's possible.

  • Trippin2962

    Its funny I was just thinking about the "Red Flag" thing today. I always thought it was strange that we were told not to read anything critical of the society. It was strictly forbidden. Even as a kid I thought that was strange. I always thought "if its the truth why can't we read what others have to say whether its good or bad. If its true it's true!

    Now I see things so differently and clearly. One thing I thought about was how they change the study books so much. The Babylon book from years ago is completely out of date because it contains so much wrong information that has been proven so over time. The Truth book that is no longer used contains quotes such as "if this system continues within the next 10 years it will be too dangerous to live in" (something like that). I think about the whole King of the North/South issue and how their interpretation was proved wrong. Jdubs must never think about all the major changes that happen over time..or they just dismiss them.

    Another Red Flag for me was the Society's view of education. Why was there no encouragement to learn? Surely we still need doctors, nurses, lawyers and other professionals at least until "the end" comes. There thinking (i guess) was we need to rely on worldly people for that. How stupid it all is, when I think about it now.

  • gymbob

    There are so many red flags.....

    I remember my elder dad and I talking for years about how stupid it was not to allow beards in the cong., neither of us agreed with that dumb rule, and it should have been a big red flag for us. When I quit going to meetings, my dad came over to my house and did everything to get me to go back to meetings, and demanded that I tell him what was going on.....the beard thing was one of the things that came up, AND HE NOW IS DEFENDING THE STUPID RULE! "The society has to have control over people", he said. So I told him, "well, they don't control me anymore". That was the beginning of the end between us as family, but i'll never forget recognizing mind control for the first time.

  • vitty

    So what part are the female annointed playing today ? Are they feeding the flock as they should be doing ? No because they are not allowed to

  • grey matters
    grey matters
    That's the nice part about delusions . . . anything's possible.

    LOL Now that's quotable. Thanks!

  • LovesDubs

    The Society probably thinks...hey...we cant control what STUPID ideas God might have about WOMEN ruling over this earth after theyre DEAD but we sure as hell CAN control that while theyre here....and we can come up with forty-bazillion "proof" scrips with a series of "..." after each of them to PROVE WE'RE RIGHT.

    And beeeatch...I dare you to challenge that decision, they say as they look at more porn online.

  • rebel8


    Word to the wise: Do not check Google Images using the keywords "red flag" unless you want to see a very graphic pic of a tampon in use.....

    I am still seeing that image in my head from yesterday.....I was going to put a pic of a red flag in my post & practically barfed.....

  • beautifulisfree
    I am still seeing that image in my head from yesterday.....I was going to put a pic of a red flag in my post & practically barfed.....


    Okay I won't...Gee.. I am laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! Thanks...

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    red flags...

    spirit lead, but not inspired

    no soul nor spirit nor anything surviving death, yet being asleep

    if you die today without knowing the JW spiel you will be raised to hear it in the 1000 year

    but if you hear it and devout your life to preaching it you could still not be found worthy and die in arm and hammer.

    no independant thinking [=no thinking = blind obediance]

    3 elders telling me --- I would NEVER think to question the society [when asked how they would handle a situation when they found their belief at odds with the societies]

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Beautifulisfree,

    I never understood why if we had the "truth" was there such danger in anything a "apostate" may print or say. We were always told they tear down your faith. But how could someone tear down your faith if it was solidly built on truth? But.. I just pushed those questions out of my mind, and followed the "faithful slaves" direction. Now of course, I know WHY they don't want you to listen to a "apostate", it is because they may expose what the Society is so desperately trying to hide. And on top of it all, ones may find out that a apostate in the Bible is someone who denys God, and Jesus. NOT an organization!!! Fear of truth should of been my red flag!


    Lady Liberty

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