Are things really worse now?

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  • NikL

    This morning amidst the news of the possible terrorist attack involving planes from the

    I told her that nothing happened. It almost did.

    She of course pointed out that this time it didn’t but maybe next time. She said it is getting so bad now and will get worse and everyone can see it.

    How about it everyone? Is it really worse now than any time in recorded history? Or, is it just that we constantly have a media hyping everything to death?

    If we lived in the middle Ages and had TV we would have thought it was the end of all things certainly with the Black Death. Just imagine the headlines! Wars have always happened. Famine has been a common occurrence though out human history. Corruption of kings and governments is nothing new. The difference was that we didn’t hear about it if it didn’t happen within walking distance of your village.

    Any thoughts? Is it really worse? Is Armageddon really howling at the gates? Am I an idiot for not seeing it?

  • carla

    No, no, and no. See for some interesting facts on war and the like. I would love to see 'headlines' from the middle ages, Napolean times or any other in history. They all would have been able to say 'the end is near'.

  • freetosee
    If we lived in the middle Ages and had TV we would have thought it was the end of all things certainly with the Black Death

    I fully agree with that. People always say things are getting so bad today. Or that in the past there was not so much crime, rape, child abuse was unheard off, wife beating, etc. I think it was a lot worse in the past when most was held undercover and denied.

    To me a significant part of Jesus words in the Matt 24 prophecy is in verse 6 "YOU are going to hear of wars and reports of wars".


  • Dave_T

    No, not worse.

  • RR

    Things are only worse for those still stuck within the WT Society!


  • dobbie

    I'm sure there was a post on here somewhere going back to different times when such things were being said, hundreds of years ago.Just wish i could find it again cos i want to read it again myself!

  • r51785

    Things were much worse back in 1975 because that's when Armageddon came.

  • delilah

    Things are only worse for those still stuck within the WT Society!


    I totally agree with this statement. My mom is constantly saying how much worse things are, yadda, yadda...just because my brother is having marital problems, and she found out he lied to her, this is the end..."We're in the end now," she said, " I always knew things would get bad, but this....this is unbearable"... They are so lied to by the Wt, they believe everything they are told about this world, the end, etc., and they are so full of fear. The key word, here, is "FEAR". Their eyes are blinded to the beauty of LIVING in the real world. They've no concept of life....sad isn't it? Thank God I bailed a few years is SOooo much better.... Delilah, of the, living fearlessly class.....

  • Forscher

    Remember that quote of some official in the Blue Bombshell (The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life) from 1965 which said that the world would be too dangerous to live in within 10 years? Think about it, we've been in a world too dangerous to live in for some 31 years by that reckoning! Welcome to Hell folks!!!!

  • chuckie77

    Im going to go out on a bit of a limb here and say I think things are marginally worse. Terrorism has shown us a new face of warfare, bringing it into a much more public forum with community involvement. People never used to be scared to get on a plane for fear of it being blown up or worse - used as a weapon. People werent as scared to get on public transport, and with the exception of some areas around the world, it was unheard of for the general public to be caught up in bombings and acts of war.

    Now, terrorism is in the community, its peoples next door neighbours, work colleages and as in the case of the London bombings, its sons of families, who claim to have had no idea what their sons were getting up. There were no advetisements on TV warning people to be alert to possible terrorist activity, unattended bags, suspicious looking packages...

    Sure in terms of warfare and spread of disease things may be no worse now, and are possibly better with the invent of new pharmacueticals.

    Im certainly not going to put my life on hold worrying about the next terrorist attack, Im not going to stop traveling, or catching public transport. I am however, a little more cautious in what I do and how I act. I really believe that the world is a more dangerous place to live now, than it was 50 years ago.

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