Taking the bull by the horns

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    It looks like the s**t has hit the fan with my friend Marion, and a lot sooner than we ecpected it to. Her jw son called her earlier today on what he said was an emergency, and he needed her at his house asap. She went around there straight away, as he has two young children and she thought maybe one of them had had an accident, and when she got there, her son was waiting, along with the po and another elder. There was no emergency, it was just a trick to let the elders get to her, a lie in other words.

    She couldn't really say in all honesty that she was too busy to see them, so she had to talk. They asked her about the contents of the letter she sent them, and asked her what sort of doubts she had been having, as well as her admitting to her son that she has read Crisis of Conscience. She tried to be as vague as possible, and managed to escape after about 25 minutes of interrogation, but not before they had asked the big question - do you still believe this is jehovahs true organisation. She managed to be a bit evasive on that one, saying she wondered at times if it really is, and they left it at that when they realised she wasn't going to volunteer any more information. They told her that they will be in touch again if they feel the need to take further action. She asked what sort of action but they didn't elaborate, though it's not difficult to figure out what they might do. We both think a jc could be in the offing, and Trev agreed with that conclusion when I spoke to him just now.

    Marion is here with me right now, and as Trev is away working in Belfast until Saturday, she is staying here for the night. She has asked me to thank you all for your support, I think she's going to need a lot more of it in the coming weeks. She knows she can rely on Trev and myself of course. One thing neither the elders or her son will be able to do, no matter what threats they make, is force her back to the meetings. She knows the truth about the wts now, and is determined to stay strong. Please keep her in your thoughts.


  • 95stormfront

    That was one hell of a dirty trick her son played on her. I sure hope she let's him have it with both barrels when the dust clears. That being said, she should've probably just shown total disgust at his false cry of "wolf" and walked out of there and left them all standing there. Just because she was tricked to get there under false pretenses and they happen to be there is further justification that she doesn't really have to talk to them if she doesn't want to.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Oh my goodness!! The story is ALWAYS the same!! "Do you believe that this is Go's spirit appointed organization??" You had better say nothing but, "Of course I do!" Or they will wait to find a way to get rid of you! Who cares if what you have found is truthful or not, forget the message, lets just kill the messenger! UNBELIEVABLE!! I hope your friend finds some measure of comfort in knowing that this is going on all over, and she certainly is not alone!! The organization is in big trouble with the power of the internet. ANYONE that is no longer going to meetings is a potential threat. Too much knowledge will eventually be the death of this organization. The friends leaving are leaving in droves! Tell your friend to hang in there!!


    Lady Liberty

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I agree 95SF, if he were my son he'd be lucky if I spoke to him for a while, and then it wouldn't be a friendly conversation. He wants to be an ms, and maybe they've promised him something, they are such devious bast**ds nothing they did would surprise me.

    She is pretty upset about it, as you can imagine, but relieved in a way. The elders are probably congratulating themselves on tricking her into a conversation she's been trying to avoid, and I can almost hear the knives being sharpened in preparation for the jc, we both think that's going to be their next move.

    If they do call a jc, she isn't going to attend, they can do what they want to do as far as she is concerned, she refuses to be governed by their rules anymore, even if it comes to being df'd. I can imagine the shock wave that would go through the kh the day that is announced, if it happens.

  • itsallgoodnow
    From my experience, never treat the Witnesses like they are ethical people, and they will treat you reasonably, because they aren't . . . and they won't.

    Well said, garybuss.

    Wow, after knowing everything I know about these people, it's still hard to imagine her son would dime her out so quickly. Her own son.

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