Taking the bull by the horns

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I know what you mean Bumble Bee. She has been resisting the elders efforts to visit her, and we both wondered if her sons visit was more than just a social call, as she would obviously let him in whereas she would be less willing to allow the elders to visit. I haven't asked her where the book was when he found it, she does have bookshelves in her lounge though, and being the tidy person she is I'd have thought it would have been in one of them.

    He may be her son, but he is an ambitious jw, and hopes to make ms soon, so perhaps he was on a fact finding mission at the behest of the elders. I know Marion wouldn't like to think that, but Trev and I both had that thought when she told us he'd been and seen the book. I'm not a gambler, but I wouldn't mind betting that the boe all know she's read COC by now, and they are bound to ask her about it if and when they see her.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Fullofdoubtnow,

    I just can't believe that this really happens! I KNOW from personal experience that it does, but before I had questions, if someone told me that this would happen, I wouldn't believe it. Over and over it is the same story. YOU CANNOT QUESTION THE ORGANIZATION, AND EXAMINE YOUR FAITH! Does that not put up red flags to everyone?? Why, if this was truely the truth, why can you not put your faith through an examination? Truth can do nothing but stand up to an examination. What is there to hide?? Yes, you and I know there is much to hide! And if anyone out there doubts that this treatment is "normal" proceedure, I invite you to try it. You will have a "apostate" label so fast your head will spin.


    Lady Liberty

  • LovesDubs

    Why would she even CONSIDER having a meeting with them? They have no PROOF that she did anything and unless they changed the rules, there are supposed to be TWO WITNESSES to any "crime". They cant arbitrarily DF her for speculation. If they ask her for a meeting again, she can say, "Brother I have already addressed my wishes in this matter. It's all in the letter I wrote to you. Perhaps you should review it.?"

    As long as we ACQUIESCE to their badgering, we are letting them control our lives. As long as our hearts jump when they look down on us like disapproving parents, we are letting them control our lives. Is this what Jesus meant when he said "His load was light?" Sounds like pharisaic heavy handedness to me.

    Dont give in!

  • BizzyBee

    Speaking of bull.....................

    Her letter is reasonable and rational and her wishes should be respected. Good letter, actually. However, in dealing with JW elders, that letter is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Not to mix metaphors, but the elders can smell the blood in the water and are no doubt anxious to get to her before she hemorrhages.

  • Gregor

    "After being associated with Jehovahs Witnesses for my entire life, I find myself beginning to doubt some of the teachings I have held to for so long ."

    (sound of a klaxon horn in the background) Red alert! red alert! All hands on deck! Elders, put on your helmet of salvation and report to your battle stations (aka, The Woodshed)!

    Issue a subpeona, consider her under house arrest. "Please respect my desire for privacy" she says! Fat chance!

    Doubts? DOUBTS? What DOUBTS? speak up!

  • Finally-Free
    BB: HHmmm, wonder which part of "please respect my privacy" they didn't get?


    She was too polite and respectful, and elders treat that as though it were a weakness. When someone is polite and respectful to elders they will assume the person, in spite of their words, is open to dialogue. The only thing that will make elders back off is if they understand that a person has a zero tolerance policy against their harassment.

    You don't ask elders to leave you alone. You warn them that harassment will have consequences.

    That being said, such a stand will almost always result in the announcement from the platform that so and so is no longer a JW.


  • luna2

    You know, FF, you and I have a very similar philosophy. We probably go about it in different ways as I'm more of an avoider, but I too refuse to be put out or manipulated any more. Takes up too much of my time, which I have less and less of as each day passes.

    If I don't feel like meeting with a bunch of dumb guys who are suffering under the delusion that they have Jehoopie, the King of the Universe, sitting on their shoulder, then I ain't gonna do it. Unless she has a real desire to debate with these bozos, I'd advise her to refuse to be available.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I've been speaking to Marion on the phone just now, and read her your replies, and she sends her thanks to you all. She was hoping to visit us tonight in person, but couldn't make it, so we'll see her at the weekend. She is going to keep resisting the elders efforts to meet with her, and I know them well enough to know how big an effort they will make, so she's going to need to be very firm with them. That may,of course, lead to action being taken, but she will cross that bridge when she comes to it.

    I will post any updates on her situation as and when they happen. In the meantime, please keep her in your thoughts, she is going to need a lot of support now and in the future.

    Thankyou all


  • juni

    Thanks Linda for your update. I love you Brits and your term "whilst"!!

    Anyways, the corker here is the fact that her ambitious son who is reaching out for ms saw that she had CofC in her house and she was honest about it. (Marion is a straight up person to the max!) Now they are going to want to meet up w/her for sure.

    It's good that she has you and Trev to be a support and to reassure her. She's going to need that in the days ahead. It's really too bad that an adult can't chose what they want to do in their lives w/o being harassed.

    And to Marion. I'm thinking of you and what you're going through. Stay strong. Love, Juni (my name is in my pm's w/Linda.)

  • Honesty
    her jw son visited her last week and spotted the copy of Crisis of Conscience I lent her. She admitted to having read it, and he probably put 2 & 2 together, with her missing all the meetings lately. He didn't say he would report it, but he wants to be an ms so it's likely he will mention it to the elders.

    Tommorow's ms MAY be a CO in 20 years if he helps keep the congregation clean.

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