A Dumb, Dumb, Dumb "Preaching Work"

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  • metatron

    The latest August Kingdom Ministry contains this little gem:

    " ....show how to handle the potential conversation stopper "I'm not interested in Jehovah's Witnesses".

    Um......... anybody remember that guy Jesus, who started the whole idea of Christian preaching, giving instructions on how to preach?

    Like "casting pearls before swine" or shaking the dust off your feet if "a place will not receive you nor hear you"? ( Mark 6:11)

    Could anything be more specific than saying "I'm not interested in Jehovah's Witnesses"? Perhaps some greater measure of rejection

    is required so as to avoid referring to the Reasoning book, like:

    "I'm not interested in Jehovah's Witnesses because they cover up child molesters, break up families and have been defrauding

    the public for 120 years and if you don't leave now, I'm going to disembowel you and feed your entrails to my dogs"

    Would that be enough? Or should we plan another demonstration (Reasoning book topic: "Conversation Stoppers, when the householder

    is angry enough to use your body for sausage, Sweeney Todd style)? Is this situation like a rape in which the victim keeps saying

    "No, No" but you know better? Is there any holy spirit involved in trying to force your message on people who are opposed

    or is this all about SALESMANSHIP - and not "preaching" at all?

    At what point, does the word cult seem appropriate for a bunch of zealots, who give no thought to how annoying they are trained to

    be - and who are schooled to ignore outright refusal?


  • luna2

    But, but, metatron, JWs are the only peoples in the world who have "da troof"! Everybody else in the world is delusional, so dubs are obligated to beat down all objections and try to save them by force.

  • LovesDubs

    ROFL!!! Oh theyd let you say all that and then because THEY DONT LISTEN TO A WORD YOU SAY even when you make references to what you would do to their mothers or sisters in the back of a Volkswagon....they would offer you a magazine and throw in there that a small donation would help the world wide work...while they watch the veins stand out in your forehead with utter amazement.

    Then as they leave they would make a comment about the bathtub Mary on your lawn, tell each other they are going to take your house after Armageddon and write you down as a return visit because you took the stupid magazine...even though while you were doing so you were explaining that you were taking it to use in your bathroom and demonstrated HOW you would use it as they were walking away.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    good point metatron; that's exactly what i tell my jw dad. you pushed that wt bullshit at me for 35 yrs. that i , stopped and researched everything . you ever told me. now that i proved the 95% of it is nothing more than propaganda. now dad will not talk to me. it's so simple just test what the wt teaches. start with last months wt mag. test every line in it. and work your way back. and that's the end jack. when i talk to a jw in the street . it's up to me how long , i let them babble till i shut them down. then i watch them run telling me they are late . to learn how to act like a answering maching . i always make the jw3's feel guilty. for preaching another gospel . gal 1;8

  • Arthur

    Has anybody here ever seen one of those childish responses work on a "coversation stopper"? I personally, in over 20 years of door encounters never saw this method work on people. It always made them irritated.

    This stupid method of trying to counter a conversation stopper just reeks of used car salesman. It tells the householder that you have an inferior product, and therfore must resort manipulative coercion tactics to try to sell it. This is pitiful, indeed.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    But Metatron, if your house was on fire wouldn't you want the JW's to break down your door and pull you to safety? Even if they had to drag you kicking and screaming because you were disoriented from all the smoke inhalation? Shouldn't you be so grateful that they had saved your life by shoving their literature down your throat against your will dragging you out of the fire?


  • dobbie

    When i did used to go out on the ministree(not v often i admit) i only used to offer mags and as soon as they said no i'd go, but i remember i used to cringe when the other person iwas with just would'nt take no for an answer, and would make us stand for another ten minutes in the cold trying to push views, lit etc on the poor person at the door.Why do it?!Yet i was the one looked down on for not using the reasoning book and basically being nosey.I used to hate it when people would keep on doing return visits when it was obvious the person was just trying to get rid of them, or were hiding behind the curtains!Funnily enough i do that now if i see one of them trying to visit, somedays i won't even answer the phone in case its them.

  • willyloman

    Metatron wrote: "or is this all about SALESMANSHIP - and not "preaching" at all?"


    This thread reminds me of the CO who visited our hall once and spent each morning during the meeting for FS pontificating about the perfect presentation designed to overcome the "I'm not interested" objection dubs so often hear.

    It was a fairly simple "If they say.... then you say..." script and he hammered away at it on Weds, Thurs, Fri and again Sat morning. On Saturday he picked me to join his car group and we paired up in the territory.

    "Do you want to take this first door?" he asked.

    "If you don't mind, I'm thinking of using your presentation and I would love to see you do it first."

    He knocked and, wouldn't you know it? He got an "I'm not interested...."

    He immediately launched into his little script.

    The HH just glared at him and repeated: "I SAID I wasn't interested! Now, good bye." And slammed the door.

    He looked at me sheepishly. "It doesn't always work," he said.

  • jwfacts

    I am a salesman, and the Reasoning Book conversation stopper stoppers even make me cringe, I would never think of saying things as condescending or childish to a client. These were taken from some 1960's vacuum cleaner, foot in the door sales manual, and are inappropriate for educated society.

    The methods do not work either. Less than 100,000 people get baptised from the door to door work, with a billion hours witnessing that is ten thousand hours preaching per convert. At $20 per hour that is a cost of $200,000 per sale. Not many buisnesses could survive on those rates, not unless your salesmen are prepared to ignore the results and work for free (or rather pay to work for you.)

  • rebel8
    shaking the dust off your feet if "a place will not receive you nor hear you"

    Which Bible scholars out there can tell me what this scripture means? I think shaking the dust off means you are going to deposit some sweaty dirt onto someone's property as an insult, like spitting on their doorstep.

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