JW parents/relatives attempts to encourage you to come back or change ...

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  • Honesty
    Everything that is happening makes me feel like I have been a part of a cult. Think about it - interrogation, methods of intimidation (death threats - armageddon), harsh judgements and labels.

    I was trapped in a cult for almost 16 years.

    The jehovah's witnesses/Watchtower cult.

  • CordyC

    My mother has also used the "come back to Jehovah" line and she has gotten increasingly hostile everytime I do something that seems Anti-JW. I've been baptized for ten years this year and I've definitely made my life the priority over the JW religion the past few years. She has been quite horrid to me recently, she was all like:"why'd you get baptized in the first place?" I would LOVE to answer: "Because I believed it was the truth back then, but not anymore," but am afraid I would be thrown out. But she wants me to "be good." I want to get out, but don't want to lose her.

    Thank goodness for the "worldly" friends I have that know my secret. They've really been an anchor.


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