relationship in trouble because of watchtowers pathetic rules

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  • NoAnswers

    Hey guys I need some help with some research about oral sex.

    There is a recent article, that talkes about it.

    So know this has had a impact in my relationship with my wife.

    I want to show her that they have changed there minds many times regarding this.

    I need a little help with some info.

    To think about this gets me so angry because of many posts I have read that the WT ruins lifes.

    Especially dannyhazzard and many others.

    If anyone can help me out with some information from WT, about this it will be aprecciated.

  • LittleToe

    You aren't going to win this one.

    Though they occasionally put it in the realms of a "conscience matter" they still looked down on it, and wrote accordingly. The bottom line is that it's none of anybodies business but your own, but she's unlikely to see it that way.

    I hope someone will come up with the quotes you're looking for.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    *** w78 2/15 pp. 30-31 Questions from Readers ***

    Beyond these basic guidelines the Scriptures do not go and, hence, we cannot do more than counsel in harmony with what the Bible does say. In the past some comments have appeared in this magazine in connection with certain unusual sex practices, such as oral sex, within marriage and these were equated with gross sexual immorality. On this basis the conclusion was reached that those engaging in such sex practices were subject to disfellowshiping if unrepentant. The view was taken that it was within the authority of congregational elders to investigate and act in a judicial capacity regarding such practices in the conjugal relationship.

    A careful further weighing of this matter, however, convinces us that, in view of the absence of clear Scriptural instruction, these are matters for which the married couple themselves must bear the responsibility before God and that these marital intimacies do not come within the province of the congregational elders to attempt to control nor to take disfellowshiping action with such matters as the sole basis. Of course, if any person chooses to approach an elder for counsel he or she may do so and the elder can consider Scriptural principles with such a one, acting as a shepherd but not attempting to, in effect, "police" the marital life of the one inquiring.


    g74 6/22 p. 14 The Craving for Excitement ***

    Typical is the appeal that illicit sex has. It promises excitement because of what is involved and because of what it might lead to as well as because of the intense selfish pleasure expected. So single and married persons toy with immorality and go on to commit fornication or adultery. This craving for excitement causes others to engage in unnatural or perverted acts. Thus some Christian women complain because their husbands want them to become parties in sodomy and oral sex. Needless to say, perverted, unnatural practices are far from expressing love, affection and tenderness for each other. All such sensual behavior is repeatedly condemned in God’s Word.—Rom. 1:24-32; Jas. 4:1, 3.

    These are the only references I found on the watchtower cd, as far as marriage is concerned. Though, there were articles alluding to oral sex as perversion and homosexual in origin.


  • MinisterAmos
    Of course, if any person chooses to approach an elder for counsel he or she may do so

    Yeah buddy! Get the farking school janitor to advise you on you marriage!

    Sound funny? It's true though

  • NoAnswers

    Thanks for your reply toe and loru

    i really think that i will have alot of friction and this will end bad

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Maybe one of the elders would be willing to give you oral sex; you might ask them.

  • Highlander

    Maybe one of the elders would be willing to give you oral sex; you might ask them. Hopefully the elder won't expect him to return the 'favor'

  • NoAnswers

    i want to show her prove that they chnage their minds on this and other things

    She is getting sucked back into the borg and there is very little I can do

  • Seeker4

    This is what happens when you get a group of old bachelors and men out of touch with reality, making up sex rules for the "flock." The WTS is permeated by a 19th Century Victorian view of sex.
    They admit that the Bible says nothing about oral sex - and then they go on immediately to refer to it as an unusual act and perverted - totally loaded and judgemental language.
    I remember that the Society seemed to think that oral sex was an invention of the sex-craxed 1960s. Yet, it was common in the ancient world, and if the Bible writers wanted to comment on it, they would have.
    Just another case of "going beyond the things written."
    You might ask your wife to show you from the Bible what God says about oral sex.

  • lost_light06

    Last time I heard it is a "conscience matter' but if you are caught doing it (i.e. elders peeping into your bedroom) you will have no "privelages" in the congo.

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