3 Page Letter Read In My Relative's Congregation...

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  • minimus

    SMOKESCREEN----that's what this is. Like they really care. Pleaseeeee.

  • Hellrider

    The sickness of the jw-religion is best exemplified by this: They are eagerly expecting and anticipating being persecuted! What sane and normal individual would be looking forward to, eagerly expecting and waiting for this to happen!? Only sick people would want to be persecuted. No wonder there are so many neurotic, self-proclaimed martyrs among jws.

  • Gordy

    It looks more like a reaction to what happened in New Orleans, after Katrina.

    When they had no idea what had happened to most of the JW's in the area.

    Does anyone know if this letter has been read in British congregations?

  • silentWatcher

    Because the WTS will need to know where to send their free labor force and then collect the full price insurance check from the JW home owner.


    bingo. This is pure gravy, since the labor (which is almost always the largest part of residential repair work -- well north of 50% of the total) will be freely provided by the locals. Who get paid $0/hr.

    Praise jeh-hobbie!

    From the description, most of the letter is boiler-plate about updating records -- making sure the secretary has contact info, etc. (Curious why email address wasn't included -- but oh well), which is read annually round this time.

    The line about signing your homeowners insurance check over to the WT in exchange for letting the yokal quickbuild crew have a crack at fixing your house is new.


  • MinisterAmos
    Second of all, what will the structure be for fixing a home or providing assistance, who will get the assistance first, how long will they ask the elderly JWs to wait for the repairs to their home to be fixed because there are too many other people ahead of them.

    The project after hurricane Ivan took 120 days of work for at times over 1000 Dubs to put the roofs of 700 Dubz in order.

    The work still continues in MS, and will NEVER be finished in New Orleans. There is just no place to house the workers and/or materials needed for the job.

    In other words it is a bald faced lie, shown by experience, that the WT can be expected to make it all better.

    I really wish I could post fotos of the Elder's $Million dollar plus house on the bay with repairs now completed but doing so would reveal too much. I can say with certainty that 90% of you would be very happy living in his POOL HOUSE. The renovations were completed by the Bros but only top-shelf items were used like Jenn-Aire appliances, berber carpet, oak cabinetry, leaded glass windows and really cool metal roofing alll paid for with the WT credit card. I know bwcause I ordered a lot of it from Lowe's.

    His was among the last actually completed but he got a lot more than the Bros who couldn't even choose their shingle color.

    As far as "signing over the insurance check" the process I actually witnessed was when a job was completed, the records keeper added up the materials used, the type of work, (get this) HOW MUCH THE LABOR WOULD HAVE COST AT WORLDLY (UNION) RATES and submitted a bill to the homeowner. The bill is a "suggested" donation to the (can't remember which) fund. A few things to remember: Dubz pay no sales tax on materials because they are a church but bill for it Dubz pay no labor but bill for it Dubz pay no Workers Comp Insurance but bill as if they did. Most of the initial load of materials used after Ivan were even trucked in FREE by Dubs who donated their gas and time


    I'm sure my elderly relative left out a lot of info...she even said it was hard to keep up with...so I was hoping that someone would post it or at least the main points of this size letter. It does sounds quite extensive.

    I had many of the same thoughts as in the above posts...in case of disaster, phone lines are usually down, roads may be blocked...what kind of plan is it to "get in touch with the P.O. or the KH?"

    I would think the WTS would be handing out cards with a hotline to Brooklyn or something....can't believe they put all the responsibility in the laps of the locals, most of whom don't have a clue what to do in case of emergency in the first place.

    It was so creepy hearing about all the excitement this had caused in the KH!!!!!

    My faded SIL got a call from her sister, who also told her some of the same stuff, and that this was the end! She better get back to the meetings fast! Armageddon is here!!!!! (This is NOT said in the letter, but implied! )

    Does it feel like 1975 all over again to anyone else??????


  • willyloman

    I'm with Gordy. Katrina uncovered a serious glitch in their contact information and they lost a lot of "sheep." Can't have them running around willy-nilly without proper "headship," you know!

  • Quandry

    Jim, I read your post and it makes me want to cry now to think about the children in the family that you helped. What happened to them when you discontinued the food contribution? Did the children think then that God no longer loved them? Were the witnesses eager to punish the children because the parents were weak attenders? What makes me very sad is that had it been me, I too would have discontinued the food gifts, being "obedient" to the elders.

    What have they done????

  • VM44

    Didn't the JWs say once that they did not maintain any membership roles?

    They cannot say that now, can they?


  • JWdaughter

    Calling the KH would be great if anyone ever answered the gosh darn phones! I remember trying to get someone to visit my folks when my(non JW )dad was dying. IMPOSSIBLE. I had to contact the CATHOLIC CHAPLAIN to contact the JWs for them-even after my mom had requested it when they checked in-no one came until I had the Padre make a specific call to the right person.(They came one time in 6 months, and there were more requests made at every facility. ONE facility actually got results(the Catholic Hospital) They sure came fast though when it was my JW mom in the hospital and there was some question of BLOOD!!! The blood guys were RIGHT on it. GGGGGRRRRRRR. Shelly

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