Revelation "Adjustments": Complete Analysis

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  • pippy

    this i awsome, im printing it out so i can read it properly,(screen is a bit fuzzy) and cant wait to go through it,, my dad who is a jdub told me about how it has been released because the other one is too hard to understand , and this one is so lovely. i bet i can find something in it that makes me

  • truthsearcher

    I asked to borrow a copy of the Revelation book from a JW because I wanted to read up on the beast of Revelation. At first I was given a hard back, then they switched it to the new soft cover, saying :"This one has updated statistics in it".

  • BabaYaga

    Jgnat just posted this link, and I am bookmarking it! (And thus bumping it, as well)

    Thanks yet again, V.

  • insearchoftruth

    bttt, my wife just brought this book home from this mornings meeting......I am tempted to get a copy of the UN letter and just fold it into the chapter on the UN....

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