Are JW's cold people?

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  • SirNose586
    I think it depends on their general cultural background in the UK they tend to be cold but in some other countries they may be warmer, the JWs don't change that much from their native culture.

    That's what I figured. If you travel south from where I live, you will come to a community called Bonita, which is wealthy. My sister has a friend who grew up in that congregation. From the friend's description, it seemed a very cold, stuffy, and aloof congregation.

  • justsomedude

    Wow, this thread brought up a memory of a local needs part that I havent thought about in years. I recall one part we had about how hugging in the congregation could give the wrong impression, what with brothers hugging sisters and how we shouldnt behave that way at the hall.

    Wow, what a bunch of prudes the dubs were.

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