Are dodge trucks more than just HEMIs?

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  • moshe

    Buffalosfree- as for a Dodge 1500- the newer ones have the Mercedes designed 5 speed automatic- built in Kokomo, Indiana. My 2005 1500 4.7L quad cab did a fine job towing a 35' 5th wheel this summer- 11,300lbs total tow wt.. That extra tow range gear gives an extra 300-400rpm downshift kick for hills. The 2005 and earlier had the 7/70 warranty -a big plus. The engine blocks were made in my former plant - Indianapolis Foundry. The blocks now are coming from Brazil and have yet to be fully tested for durability by consumers. Could there be a reason they dropped back to a 3/36 warranty in 2006?



  • Axelspeed

    Not really an expert, but some of it is marketing. From my understanding the recent Hemi isn't a hemi in the truset sense, as the cylinder heads are polyspherical, not hemispherical. They do however, retain the valve configuration. The old design was considered at the outset, then dropped.

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