Are dodge trucks more than just HEMIs?

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  • arrowstar

    Why are they smiling?


    you'd smile too if you knew you were protected from the monkey....

  • kls
    you'd smile too if you knew you were protected from the monkey....

    There is no protection

    You are all ascared

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    We ain't skeered....we just like stayin' clean....unlike you!!

  • restrangled

    Sorry, haven't read all replys and this site doesn' t appear to contain a serious inquirey. But... just for fun...we bought our son a Dodge Dakotah truck which now has 150,000 miles. It runs like a top and looks pretty sharp with all the trim, tires, etc.

    Cost: 5000.00 1/1/2 years ago....absolutely no problems.

    And I may be way off the subject....sorry.


  • IP_SEC


    It started as a fluff thread and has blown hither and thither. You couldnt have said anything off topic if you tried

  • mkr32208

    Hemi is just a marketing gimmick! Hemispherical cylinders where shown to be crap back in the 70's but it's worked good as a marketing tool hasn't it!

  • arrowstar
    It started as a fluff thread and has blown hither and thither.

    Isn't that what fluff does, hon...?

  • IP_SEC
    Hemi is just a marketing gimmick!

    Really? I thought the design was based on sound scientific principles? The hemi argument makes a certain amount of sense to me... but Im open to convincing.
    PS: There were a lot of things (like computers) that were crap in the 70s but are good stuff now...

  • buffalosrfree

    I have had several good trucks, the dodge 2003 v-8, which is a goodie, the dodge dakota another goodie, the mazda 1997 another great one drove it 85,000 and no brake job, (stick of course), all were sticks except the Dakota and got lots of good miles out of all of them. Love the dodge trucks, also had a 1957 Ford pickup and got over 200,000 miles out of it before friend overturned it. never had a problem with it. am in the market for another one and don't give a damn about a hemi semi. just want another good truck. mazda, ford, dodge they are all good, although the doge's can be had for a better prcie.

  • done4good

    The Hemi thing has always been a controversial one in engineering circles. One is cost. When Chrysler first introduced the Hemi in the '50s, (the 392, I believe), all of the engines actually needed to be ran, disassembled, and re-assembled before they left the factory. The Hemi was first dropped from production in the early '60s because of this. Then, a few years later during the muscle car era, they were reintroduced, (426). This WAS becasue they had the ability to make more power than the conventional wedge head design. However, they will ALWAYS, (all else being equal), do this by requiring more fuel. That did not make sense in the gas-embargoed 1970s, hence it was dropped again until newer technologies made it more practical once again, (i.e. fuel injection, computers, etc).


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