Are YOU Ready For The Rapture?

by sixsixsixtynine 13 Replies latest social humour

  • heathen

    One place I think they are wrong is the beast government becoming the european union . Those other religions really don't describe that part of Revelation very well as I do still agree with the WTBTS on who the scarlet colored beast is and the 666 beast . I think it's about God descending to earth and about people ascending to heaven anyway.

    jstalin --- you had me going there LOL .

  • Warlock

    jstalin, could have been true. I've known people that fanatical. That was a good one. You had me going!


  • Twitch

    *passes mic to Blondie, cues track, pins the meters, redlines the amps*

    yea, I'm ready,.....

  • james_woods

    Does anybody remember that old Dennis Hopper anti-establishment flick "Riders of the Storm"?

    Hopper is a psy-ops pilot from Vietnam who goes around with his crew in an old B-29 bomber belting out a really irreverant pirate radio station.

    They get shot at by the US Airforce - so his Jesus Freak copilot says, "well, maybe it will be ok - maybe we'll get raptured"

    Hopper looks at him and says - "yeah, sure Jim. Or, maybe we'll get RUPTURED!"

    Don't worry, It turns out OK, they knock down the SAMS by belting out Jimmie's Star Spangled Banner at Berkely on the missiles frequencies.

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