Sophistry Lessons—JW Baptismal Prerequisites

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  • wobble

    Thanks for bumping this Grandmajones !

    This is a thread from before I was on here, and one I have not seen before,you are obviously availing yourself of the treasure house that is the archive of threads on here.

    Back in the day there used to be more active JW's come aboard and defend their beliefs and organization, we don't get so many now,but it is interesting to note that so many threads ended with a plea for them to defend their position,and all we heard was the sound of tumbleweed.

    How can they return to rolling in the mire of the JW/WT religion when it has been demolished in front of their eyes ? How can they bear to still hear it called "The Truth" ?

    Keep on reading, and keep on bumping the best for us,gems and treasure are always thrilling to discover !

  • saki2fifty


    Ha... wonder if I beat out of Grandma Jones' late bump.

    I think my last conversation on here was with AuldSoul 6 years ago... and it was on this thread. It's amazing how time flies.

    Nope, no point in bumping this thread other than simply remembering the utter depressed feeling I had after reading up on a lot of AuldSoul's posts (along with others). My wife and I, the kids, and just the whole crew dont go to meetings any longer as we simply faded away. Maybe others have a stronger mental attitude towards hearing what they've always been told not to listen to, but years ago (around the time of this thread), it just plain gutted me out. I really cannot explain he feeling I had years after that, and still do. Just utter sadness...

    I wish everyone well, JW's or not and I surely hope that anyone who's on here trying to prove JW's wrong (with that as their main mission) remember that we are all still humans whether we choose to follow or not. State your case, make it factual, but dont make enemies.

    I wonder where that AuldSoul is up to nowadays... :D

    Back to my life, but now without the hope, and without Jehovah God...

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