How do the elders deal with a very poor brother or sister?

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  • looking_glass

    There was a family that was really poor and the congo was asked to help out w/ money for food. Initially there were people who were giving them money and then people realized that the husband and wife were going to nice restaurants for dinner on the money the congo was giving them. Then the elders realized what was going on and the congo was asked to put together a care package and give them food. Later this same family built up their own business so they were doing really well financially and the wife was constantly one-uping others in the hall, she was not the nicest woman. Anyways years later she was really getting people mad because she started trashing a family that was experiencing the same thing she and her family experienced years early and she said would not give a dime because who knows what the family would use the money for. Like I said, she was not the nicest woman.

  • looking_glass

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  • moshe

    We lost our home to a fire in 1982. What help did we get from the KH?- none. A relative let us stay in their house while they were wintering in Texas and local churches donated clothes , toys, etc. We would come back to the house from a KH meeting and find donated stuff inside the porch. I asked my wife why were the churches were showing unselfish love and at the KH did nothing to help us get back on our feet. I think in my subconscious, I knew it wasn't God's organization.

  • MinisterAmos

    I knew a Pioneer couple in their 30's who both worked F/T and donated every cent other than what they needed to pay the rent on their garage Apt. to needy brothers and/or the Org.

    Mostly the Org but I do remember them throwing some $20's at a couple with two kids.

  • serendipity

    Well, I wasn't poor or broke, but when I was unemployed, neighbors told me to go to their churches' food banks. My JW family and congregation did nothing for me or my daughter.

  • sspo

    When there was a true need, the body of elders took a collection among themselves and MS and tried to help.

  • sspo

    Very often among the evangelical churches, if they see a need they are there to assist even paying your rent or mortgage until you get on your feet.

    Of course their members give much more because they beleive in titheing at least 10% of their gross income.

  • sammielee24

    Go to welfare and let them know the situation - they're there to help you. One time there was a food drive but..and I say BUT that was one time in 50 years ...and if you are really lucky - someone might have a job that needs filling. For the most part the answer has always been -go get welfare.

  • bronzefist

    I came back to my "home congregation" after losing my job in another city. I got zero help from the elders. Some true friends helped me with food and such. The elders didn't give a damn. By the way one of those elders that didn't give a damn was my fleshly brother.

  • DaCheech

    When I was flooded in 5 feet of water in 1999 hurricane floyd, the following happened:

    the national guard secured the neighborhood

    the FEMA gave us food coupons to use in the local supermarket

    the Red Cross gave us cleaning needs, info, and supplies

    the local goverment helped haul away the trashed inners of the house

    the local christian church was passing around giving sandwiches and food

    the KH? nada

    another local KH (was not my hall) got flooded themselves, and the Society did not even help them... it took them 9 months to re-open.

    one hall in Glendale, Queens had mold problems,and they had to shut down.... no WT help.

    My inners are ready to explode when I read in the WT about how we are a wonderful relief org.

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