R Rated Movies

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  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    I'd watch my dad's hardcore pornography all the time...from the age of 6 onwards.....sad really!!

    The borg's guilt trip on me made it worse though.....I can say that I did over come my addiction to pornography eventually!!!

    I still like to watch R rated movies!!!


  • Arthur

    There's Something About Mary

  • TresHappy

    I remember going to see "Fatal Attraction" while still an active, "devout" JW because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. That was actually one movie that lived up to its hype.

    BTW, that movie is 20 years old now!

  • carla

    Well you guys are pretty racey! My jw now turns off certain commercials! I wish I was kidding but I'm not. However, I snuck in a r movie the other weekend! It was on cable and he pretended to read the paper. Just a spy thriller nothing porno-like.

  • Mysterious

    Equilibrium was the first one I watched, at a non witness party (also my first). Very good movie and eery mind control parallels to JW life. I also watched Underworld 1 and 2, Dog Soldiers, GI Jane, Matrix..I think Ive forgotten them all.

  • gwyneth

    I actually saw my first one around age 15. My dad was an elder at the time, we rented "Pale Rider" with Clint Eastwood. If I wanted to see one, it was going to be what he picked--a western. It was quite good, though. My parents carefully watched to screen the "R" parts. I think it was the first "R" rated movie they'd seen, too.

  • jgnat

    Carla, converts usually try harder. To cure him of that, if you ever get to see inside the home of a generational believer, discreetly check for evidence. Or ask why the other elders get to swear and he doesn't?

    The generational JW's in our neighbourhood have birthdays (special days) for their children. They've lived with the loopiness all their lives and know there is nothing gained from bending over backwards trying to do it all.

  • done4good

    I never quite got the no rated "R" movie thing. Movie ratings are country specific, (if a given country even uses such a system). Many movies for example, that are R in the US, are PG in Canada. Does the society really have two different sets of standards depending on one's locale??? Another obviously stupid and shortsighted ruling of the Borg.


  • Purza

    I begged my parents to let me see Platoon. Of course the answer was NO -- as it was R rated. As soon as I was out of the house and DF'd -- I went and saw it. Can't remember anything from it, but hey, I showed them!


  • atypical

    "The Crow". I freakin' loved it and never once felt bad to watch an R movie after that. Plus, I started noticing years back that at the assemblies and conventions they would always mention PG-13 along with R, so I always wondered why witnesses would only get hung up on R.

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