I'm new here, published an XJW Novel

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  • apostawriter

    Hello everybody,

    Ami I the only one who waited 15 years to reach out to the xjw community? It seems like forever ago I wrote that syrupy letter of disassociation...anyways. Hi! I'm Daniel Allen Cox in Montreal, Canada, anxious to share my experience and to hear yours.

    Yeah, so a sister in the KH reacted to my saying that her boyfriend was handsome by telling an Elder. Then it was disfellowship or disassociate, and I chose to articulate my inarticulate feelings in a hand-scrawled letter, and had to tell my mom I was queer from a payphone, before they announced my apostasy that night at the KH and she found out second-hand.

    By-the-by, Tattoo This Madness In, the xjw novel I've been working on for years has been published and I guess it's time to let people know. I wish I had rebelled as heroically as my main character, and I guess that's why I wrote it. I'll save the wordiness for my book blog:


    I look forward to making friends, please don't be shy. I'm the shy one.

    Your humble servant,

    Daniel Allen Cox

  • Mysterious

    Is your book based on your experiences directly or just the jw/exjw culture in general with a fictional basis of events?

  • crazyblondeb

    Welcome to the board! We look forward to your postings and hearing your story!

    blessings be,


  • serendipity

    Welcome apostawriter!

  • apostawriter

    Hi Jedi,

    I've often wondered how much of my personal experience is required to write good fiction, and it's probably a convoluted 50%. Like, the surface details (setting, name, circumstances, events)--mostly different. Perhaps this is a glamourized version of how I would've like to go up in flames.

    The feelings, however, are ALL the same.


  • apostawriter

    wow, such a warm welcome!

  • littlerockguy

    Hello Apostawriter Welcome to the forum. I have faded for about 8 years now, not DF'd or DA'd but moved away from my hometown to find out who I was and because I couldn't live like that anymore. I'm gay too. Look forward to hearing your story. Littlerockguy

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  • AlmostAtheist


    Perhaps this is a glamourized version of how I would've like to go up in flames.

    I like that you're going UP in flames, like a Phoenix, not down in flames as the JW world no doubt perceives it. Sounds like you've risen above, congrats!

    Thanks for joining us,


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