Had to put my Cat to sleep last night - very sad!

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  • lovelylil

    I am really sad today and miss my cat already. He would have been 16 in November. I found him out on the street when he was a year old. Some people moved away and just left him. I took him in and gave him a good life. I had another cat but he died a few months ago - heart failure.

    My cat was black and white and the kids named him Oreo. He was the best cat, very friendly and good with kids. He had diabetes and kidney failure. We had been giving him shots 2X a day and fluids under his skin every other day for about six months. (the fluid that is).

    We don't know what happened but we found him lethargic. I assumed that his sugar went too low and put syrup on his gums like I was supposed to. But he started siezing and did not come around. We took him to the vet and since he was so sick and already had many hospitalizations we decided to just put him to sleep. He was in full renal-failure anyway.

    I wish I knew what happened though. A half hour before he was walking around, purring and seemed o.k. It happened so fast. Anyway, this is a sad day for the kids too. This cat was like our baby and they helped in his care too. We knew he had only a few months to live but it happened so fast.

    I don't want any more pets - too much work and you get too attached. Since we lost both cats (the other one we had since birth and he died at 14), it has been traumatic. Anyway, glad I have a place to "talk" about it. Lilly

  • kid-A

    Sorry to hear that Lil.

    Nothing harder in the world than having to say good-bye to a beloved pet, and no matter how old they are, its the most painful decision you ever have to take.

  • forsharry

    Oh i'm so sorry to hear this! ::BIG HUGS::

    It's losing a well-loved member of the family.

  • skeeter1

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. You did the right thing, the cat did not deserve to suffer further. Mourn now, and in time, you will adopt another cat.


  • cyd0099

    I'm sorry to hear to learn about your kitty. But at least there is no more suffering. *hugs*

  • james_woods

    Lil, we are all very sorry to hear that.

    I also have a darkgrey and white "lost and found kitty". She looks just like the poster Fe2O3girl's avatar. She must be about 2 now, she came up to the back door last August and needed food. She stuck around after that. The vet said she was probably about 1 when somebody turned her out into the green belt in front of our house. Real sensitive of them, huh? It's a pretty green belt with a stream, ponds and trees, but there is nothing there for a 1-year old cat to survive on.

    So, naturally, your story made me think forward to "how long will she live", "what will I do in your place", etc...I sure hope mine can have a happy life for 16 years!

    Let me just say that I think you did the right thing all the way through this cat's long and happy life, from the first to the last.


    PS - the GF had just lost our old Chihuaha indoor dog for about 4 months when the Li-Li cat came up to the back. She also had said "no more house pets" after that. She was in Paris for a month when said cat got "adopted" by me...I waited till she came back and she got to name it.

    So guess who is this cat's "human mama" now?

  • lonelysheep

    Oh, Lily, I'm so sorry! They become your babies, too.

  • bikerchic


    They sure do tug at our hearts don't they? I never cried so hard as when my cat and birds died.....I know how you're feeling, just take care of yourself and let the feelings flow, it gets better.

  • Brigid


    I'm so sorry for your loss. It is difficult to loosen the very real connection we can feel with "pets" especially when they truly are family members, loved and cherished.

    Holding you in my heart,


  • Skimmer

    My cat Smokey is in his second day at the animal hospital with anemia and a gum infection. The vet calls twice a day with updates and at the moment she says there's a fair chance of recovery and that we'll know more later. I told her that I only have about US$400 budgeted and so we will have palce a lot of hope on the power of natural healing.

    Smokey is an older feline; at least ten years old and probably more. No one knows as he was rescued by no-kill shelter volunteers from the alleyways of Lowell, Massachusetts some four years ago. They vaccinated him, fixed up his battle wounds, and removed his need for future girlfriends. I've had him for the past three years and there's a lot of sadness just thinking that I might lose him soon.

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