I'd like to introduce myself

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  • lonelysheep

    Welcome Alpheta!!

  • Cellist

    Hi Alpheta. Glad you found us. Welcome.


  • Beachbender

    I`m gonna be a little different here and say..... "Howdy" instead! you`re a newbie and already you`ve made my mind start thinking about the fact that I never read through the old posts when I joined! Guess I`ll go do that!! Thanks!

  • plmkrzy

    Welcome Alpheta and OMG! you have a lot of reading to do if you are starting frm topic 1?


    The above link is to the top 1,000 topics of all time. Thought that might be of service. lol!


  • Alpheta

    Good morning to All!

    Just a quick note before lunch hour starts, and I dive back into reading at "23". Got a ways to go. I'm NOT reading each and every post, my goodness, that would take forever, but I am stopping at topics along the way that sound interesting and/or intriguing; I have seen already that topics that get a lot of posts are generally very interesting. I appreciate reading all of your original insights, showing me sides of things I'd never thought of, and sometimes confirming my own thoughts but, sometimes not.

    plm, thanks for the link to the top 1,000 (LOL!) I actually started reading posts here periodically because of the link provided at freeminds.org, and now he's got this really cool "scroll" feature that showcases recent topics that he finds of interest. That's where I read about so many people being dismissed from Bethel, the CO (or was he a DO?) who was "retired" from his position, the new building project in New Jersey and the sale of one of the buildings there for evidently mondo dollars, the new non-annointed appointees to the GB, and the speculations about the possibility of "new light", all topics that are of interest to me. Information about the various law suits is of interest, too. In particular, though, I wanted to see if there were any changes in the GB's stance regarding the pedophile issues.

    Thanks to all, keep up the great work you do here, keeping people like moi who are interested but now on the outside apprised of the most current information, and giving people who are still inside a place where they can read alternative views about what's going on with WTBTS.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Welcome to the board!
    Good to hear that the WTS didn't do too much damage on you. I think their grip on new followers is getting less and less. Many new ones who join end up finding out it is not the truth rather quickly these days (with all the web pages and books out there). The WTS just can't hide things like they used to.
    The state of the org today? Most of us here think they are having a little $$$ problems. They seem to be cutting back in alot of differant areas. No more hard bound books, 1 awake per month, they didn't even put out a 2nd edition for the Revelation book instead they went for a 4 page 70 item KM insert. The books are getting dummer and less descriptive as well, but you probably allready noticed that. Oh yeah and last year more people became inactive than where baptized. Pretty cool huh?

  • Twitch

    Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
  • Carmel

    Coffee or tea?

    quickest character reference?


  • kazar

    Hello, Alpheta and welcome to the board! Looking forward to your future posts.

  • serendipity

    Hi alpheta & welcome!

    When I want to read posts by a specific poster, I click on his/her name which takes me to a window where I can click on their post history or their topic history(topics they started).

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