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  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Welcome Alpheta!

    You got started during a time in the WT that was no quite as insane and manic as during other periods. I know of people who actually were allowed to get educations during those years.

    It seems to me that the level of experience with the Wt depends on age, the younger the mind control starts the worse the effects, location too seems to have made a difference. How many years spend "in" etc etc.

    We all have some similar experiences, and some varied as far as intensity and lasting effects. I was 8 when first introduced and it was pre 1975 so I spent my childhoid being surrounded by a highly neurotic fear of demons and armageddon.

    I'm totally normal now.

  • Alpheta

    Hi, and thanks for the kind welcome. It's late here, and I'm past my bedtime, will be dragging my butt at work tomorrow for sure! But I want to respond before I collaspse in exhaustion.

    Thanks, jgnat (sp?); in particular, yes, it's rather daunting going all the way back to the beginning, but it's been educational and entertaining as well. And it has helped me a bit getting to know who was here, and who is here still.

    NOT that I have a handle on any of y'all yet. And that doesn't mean I'm from the south, either, just a good short-hand way of expression and a good sort of "down home" expression, and this is a "down home" feeling type of place.

    I misspoke in my first post, guess I stopped my latest reading somewhere around "22" or "23" (not "14"), and just tonight I stopped at a post by Amicus on January 19, 2002, "Post 80 of 274". What he/she said so struck me as having so much common sense. Something sorely lacking these days, I'm afraid, at WTBTS. If "It" would have adopted those common sense recommendations as made by Amicus, I'd never have left, as that post was done prior to my "D Day", which was a year + process that began the night of a service meeting/ministry school when the elders, with very serious faces, reviewed the Society's procedures with respect to suspected pedophile child abuse in the congregation. That was (I'm very bad at dates), sometime in the spring, I believe, of 2002. I don't remember the exact date of that meeting, but THAT policy (which had never come up in numerous discussions during my 3 year plus of studying and association with the congregation prior to my decision to get baptized) that, in effect, allows pedophiles to continue to prey upon innocent children in the congregations and in the door-to-door ministry was, in hind-sight, the equivalent of Samson having his hair cut off by Delihla. It sucked all of the fervor right out of me.

    I'll continue scrolling through and reading those earlier posts as time permits. Guess I learned, the hard way!, ha ha ha!, about THOROUGHLY studying whatever I want to get involved in; so - hence - my resolution to give you all a thorough review. Still may be suckered, but hey, darlings, c'est la vie!

    Before I check out for the night, I want to give kudos to RedhorseWoman, waiting, Frenchy, momma, Thinker's Wife, and Blondie, who made posts that struck resonant chords with yours truly; some of them are back from day "1', and may no longer be here; I know, at least, that Blondie is still here, and I always look forward to reading her posts. Where DOES she get her information from???

  • jgnat

    Well, happy reading there, Alpheta. (smile) If your eyes get tired, you might want to start with the Best Of Threads. Yes, I really like Blondie, too. Her secret is her prodigious memory, the WT CD, and premier searching skills. Besides being an all-around wonderful woman.

    Best Of Threads:


  • candidlynuts

    welcome to the board!

    i too read from the beginning.. if its a slow day and not much new being posted i'll go back and read the early stuff.

    the best of series is great too. everything is indexed by topic so if you have an interest in one particular issue you can research it easily.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Alpheta,

    WELCOME to the forum!! It is great to have you here!!


    Lady Liberty

  • Alpheta

    Okay, I lied. I have to reply to Apostate Kate before I crash for the night.

    Wasn't particularly young, I was highly educated (so I thought) and, at the time, I didn't think I was being suckered.

    I had many positive experiences in the congregation during my "studying" and despite some doubts I was able to leave them behind enough to get baptized in 1996. Yes, you are right, with the advantage of hindsight, that was during a particular "window" when things in the organization seemed to be going in a positive and more (dare I use the word?) liberal - direction. I felt I had found a group that had the truth.

    I would have left sooner than I did, only I knew (thanks to internet studying) that it would entail a total and complete cut-off from people that I loved and admired in the congregation, including the elderly woman who was one of my very first teachers, and several other sisters who where very kind to me and also supportive of me when I was going through my - okay, guys, if you don't want to read this, cover your eyes - female changes. This particular lady, one of my bible study teachers, was a true grit sort of person, I always think of her as the equivalent of John Wayne in the movie. She had lost a much beloved husband to a particularly long and hard death due to a genetic-inherited neuro-muscular disease. They had been "on the road" as a DO and wife for ages, 20 or more years, but his illness progressed to the point where he could no longer do it.

    Since I sent in my letter of disassociation in October, 2003, I have not had a word from her. I had hoped that - since she was well connected in the Society, she might try to contact me and say Ahab be damned, but she did not. And she was like a second mother. That hurt, and it still does, but I don't think about THAT too often. And I don't think it has permanently warped me (or whatever current terminology is). I think, instead, about how resolute I was in disentangling myself from the tentacles of what I've seen here referred to as the "B'org". Wow! When I left, I didn't think of it in those terms, I only knew I was leaving behind a Monolith - the equivalent of the Behemoth and Leviathian mentioned in Job. I'd never seen "B'org" used in connection with the WTBTS until I read posts here and, being a fan of Janeway, et al, immediately recognized the reference/pun. Tres clever! And that's exactly what it was - the Borg! Oh my. Okay, I have to get to bed. Night all.

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    Welcome Alpheta

  • SPAZnik

    Hi. :)

  • Fe2O3Girl

    Hello Alpheta. Welcome to JWD!

    I am glad you feel fairly unscathed by your temporary assimilation. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    All the best!


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