KH Builds are a statistical sham!

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  • jeeprube

    Well my mother-in-law is spending the night and blabbing about their KH build. Since I'm drinking whiskey (Canadian if you must know), I feel like going on a rant.

    I'm sick of KH builds. I believe the sole purpose behind the constant push for new KH's is to establish a false sense of forward progress in the rank-and-file mind. It is poor fiscal planning to sell a property you just paid off, and take on an even greater debt load to build a new building. Especially when it stretches the congregation beyond it's means.

    What a sham!

  • metatron

    There is some truth to the notion that some brothers just love to build Kingdom Halls. I was forced to deal with some of them as an elder

    and they could be downright fanatical about it, even when there was no growth taking place.

    I called it an "edifice complex"


  • Hamboozled

    On top of your points I have noticed in the past that there is a real push to be at the builds and when you miss a weekend or two and you show up again there are comments like "good to finally see you out here" and "glad you are finally able to help". Some people have more free time to spend than others and the one's who choose to spend a lot of time spend their time guilting the ones who simply do not have the free time. It is a shame. I have seen so much finger pointing at KH builds it makes me ill.


    Quick build KingDung Holes.The bickering,the snide remarks you get for not showing up.All that free labour,and the members of the congragation still have to pay whats left owing to the WBTS at a decent interest rate of course.Then once it`s built and eventually paid off,the WBTS may decied to sell it.Where does all the money go from the sale?Back to the WBTS of course!..Oh time to build a new KingDung Hole..More free labour,another mortgage to pay off..What a loving arrangement!Maybe you`d like to sell our magazines too?..There`s alway`s more crap at the KingDung Hole...OUTLAW

  • jeeprube

    I used to be very active in KH builds, hell it was the only JW social scene in my area.

    I look back now with both fond and bitter memories.

  • Simon

    it's just a way of getting cheap labour and contributions to build up profitable real-estate holdings

    I suppose it should be classed as "genius" (if not manipulative)

  • MinisterAmos

    No workers' comp insurance because you volunteered right?

    Does the WTBS guarantee to pay any medical bills/lost wages/therapy/medications/hospital time that may result from dabbling in the world's most dangerous profession?

    Will they support you family for life if the weekend warrior on the roof the previous week forgot to tie in the roof framing and you are crippled as a result?

    That should be enough for any responsible person to run for the hills rather than work on a KH build.

  • katiekitten

    But on the plus side it was always a good place to scope out the boy talent.

    KK of the 'are you SURE I cant wear denim hotpants?' class

  • sspo

    Let's be fair

    What the witnesses do is not being done by other religions and most of the time it is enjoyable being with your friends instead of knocking on doors

  • IP_SEC
    KH Builds are a statistical sham!

    It is a statistical sham but more than that is a money scam. The WTS makes out like a bandit You sell your hall, and give that money to the WTS. They loan the remainder. You pay that back and by the time you do its time to build a new hall. You sell your hall and give the money to the WTS. They loan the remainder. You pay back the loan and by the time you do its time to build again. Ad Nausateum All the while individuals are contributing to the SKHF and ususally the congo makes a resolution to pass a certain amount of their surplus to the SKHF ever month.

    You build a new hall and it is maybe 1/3 to half full even on sunday.

    Our new hall seated around 130. Most TMS and SM there were about 50 in attendence. On Sunday 70 was a great crowd, more often 60 or less. I'd visit other halls and see the same phenom.

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