My Part in Apostate History

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    Question: if a book is "disappeared" from the library, is not the person that signed it out responsible for replacing or paying for it? If not, what the heck is all the security, Security Tag detectors, and Library cards for? Seriously. `Q

  • Auchmull

    They can claim they returned it (and for the most part, we take their word for it, at the least the first time they make the claim) -- it could be taken off the shelves without being checked out -- it could be defaced in some not immediately noticeable way, so that it isn't possible to verify who damaged it.

    Libraries with security systems have been robbed by throwing books out a window (you have to walk through the doors to set off an alarm) and any number of other ways.

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    Thanks Auchmull.

    Of course, that first method you mentioned would require the JW purloiner to LIE -- ahem, I mean, committ SPIRITUAL WARFARE! :)


  • moomanchu

    noni every bit helps

    My territory is the laundry mat next to the Chinese Restrauant I like. I go in and throw away most of the old Wt and Aw, except for a few that I leave 'example of cult propaganda' stickers on.

    Go forth christian warrior!! battling cult devices while battling soiled laundry.

    What do the stickers say and where did you get them

  • kazar

    I think it is a capital idea. Good work Noni.

  • rebel8
    I think I'll buy one and donate it to the library.

    Be aware the dubs sometimes donate their litter-ature to libraries too, to count a placement. Mine routinely get some of my pamphlets stuck inside them, heh heh. My local libraries often get anonymous donations of anti-JW books sent to them directly by, lol. Used books are cheap to donate, and Amazon will ship them to whatever address you specify, and it saves you the gas $ to bring it yourself.

  • searching4truth

    anyone ever stood out in front of a dc with signs? if so did you have any success?

  • noni1974

    My copy of C of C was sent to me free from a member of another fourm.I didn't pay any thing for it.So me donateing it if needed to my library will be another way for the kindness shown to me to be paid forward.

    It was kinda odd though.When I asked for In Search of Christan Freedom The lady looked like she had never heard of it.It was never in my library systems computer.She found it on right away but said it looked like no library in my county ever had it.All the librarys in my county are inter connected and loan books to each other.So now it will be avaliable for everyone who wants it in my county.

  • apostawriter

    Dear apostate, my little contribution to the permeation of apostate literature was to write some. Perhaps you can check it out and get it into your local library. More info at

    peace, Daniel

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