World of Warcraft fans???

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  • jwfacts

    I just play on a network with my son. Any tips on how to start playing online if you are not very good?

  • morty

    hey!!!!!! thats the game I am always fighting with my kid over.....

    Not that I play but, he always has the puter when I want on here...

  • arrowstar

    I rolled a pally so that I could quest with my son. I'm on one computer and he's on the other and away we go.

    I like the sense of community that I get from our guild. Gosh, I wouldn't be nearly as far a long as I am without the help of the guild. We're a casual guild.

    I know about being nervous you're first time in a big raid. Do y'all use TeamSpeak and CT_Raid? It's a

    jwfacts - which server are you on?

  • jwfacts

    Arrowstar, I am not on any server, I hadnt ever thought about playing online until i saw this thread. I just looked at wowcentral. I cant believe it can cost $350 to buy gold. How much does it end up playing online?

  • Twitch

    I know a few ppl that play and talk bout it all the time. Sounds pretty cool actually. They've asked me several times to join as they know I've been into online gaming but I've declined coz i know once I get into something like that, I would get hooked. So I stay away. Don't game that much anymore anyways. Maybe in the winter though,....

  • arrowstar

    buy gold?!?! omg....don't you DARE!!

    Are you going to buy your character too? perish the thought!!

    Maybe I'm confused and that's nothing new for me...You've purchased the software? Find me on the Skywall server. I go by Vargastar. Choose Allaince and I can show you around some.


  • Confucious

    JW - the only tip I can give newbies is learn the ediquette (did I spell that right?)

    WoW was my first game like this and didn't really know how to play at first.

    There are a lot of rules about looting, etc.

    And don't do the famour Leroy Jenkins and wipe your whole group... LOL.

    Realistically, the game is about community. So the best way to play, IMHO, is to find people on your friends list that view the game similar to the way YOU view it.

    I'm 37 so most of my friends on my list are my age.

    Then if you have a question - you could ask them.


  • roflcopter

    ZOMG EPICS!!!!!


    I play on Thunderlord as well. Im in no contest. My wife plays as well, she was in Nox Necis but X-ferred to No Contest when they left ;-)

    Hit me up with a private message lemme know what you IGN is, and I'll give you mine. Dont wanna post it on the forums cuz some JWs know my names.

    I have 2 60 Shamans One with Full Earthfury and some Teir 2. Im workin on leveling my rogue to 60 too.

    My wife has a Warlock with Partial Nemesis and Felheart.

    QQ nubs ;-)

  • ackack

    Holy crap, tier2? You put me to shame.... I've got 5 pieces of the tier1 set now... I hope I get some of the tier2 stuff soon. We're regularly doing onyxia now, and last night, we finally beat Rag, so, it should happen soon.

    My guild is Xeno. I'm pretty sure we hate you guys ;) email me sometime though... or better yet, send me your email address by PM. I can't respond with PMs, because ... (sigh)... PMing is broke in safari because its coded very very poorly. And its such an easy problem to fix too. :(


  • arrowstar

    Just got out of MC...doing Ony tomorrow night....did ZG last night....

    does anyone have a repair bot?

    and tier 2?

    /covers self

    move along fellas...nothing to see here

    Lisa of the Valor set

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