Meddling mother

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  • Elsewhere

    Better yet... hide ONE cross in her house but tell her that you put TWO. (Just in case she finds the one )

  • meems1000

    I love that idea Elsewhere!

    maybe i should bring a priest in to the house and have it blessed just as i know she's returning home.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    she's not active anymore

    and even lied to me when i asked if it was a JW book

    she decides she is right and has done nothing wrong

    they are not even allowed to say grace the way we say it when she's around

    certainly sounds active

  • meems1000

    she hasn't attended any meetings in several years.

  • blondie

    I think what he was saying is that although she no longer attends meetings, that her belief system is still JW although she does not always practice what she preaches, a believing, inactive JW. They can be more holier than thou than JWs who are still attending.


  • Virgochik

    They'll probably laugh at the silly book and forget all about it. But it was rude and pushy of her to disrespect your wishes. She already knew you wouldn't want her doing this. What else will she do, behind your back, that's what woould bother me.

  • parakeet

    When I left the JWs, I made it crystal clear to my JW mom that she was not to "preach" to my son in any form whatsoever. That included giving him JW books and taking him to the meetings during weekend visits. She understood that if she violated those rules, I would not allow him to visit her without my supervision. I know it's sometimes difficult to be assertive to your mother, but your children come first. They should not be made to feel like they're caught in the middle between you and grandma. YOU must be the one in the middle, guarding your children from your mother's religious interference. Don't stand for anyone trying to take your place in your children's lives!

  • elatwra

    wow, that is the sort of thing that would really upset me if somebody tried that with my kids.I feel your frustration.

    Does your son understand why you have no interest to be involved with the Jehovah's witnesses? You can explain that you are not upset because grandma gave him a book behind your back but because of what that book represents, an invitation to a religion that is closeminded and oppressive and what that religion did to you personaly. ( Mention the no birthday, no christmas, rules-that would squash any interest in JWism if I were a 13 yr old)

  • oldflame

    My kids were all forwarned about their grandmother, they take what she says to them with a grain of salt. I personally do not have anything to do with my mother but the kids still write to her and call on the phone. But as for me ? I stay clear away from her evil deeds.

  • Inquisitor

    I agree with elatwra and oldflame, meems1000. Instead of working out how to deal with your mother, perhaps it would be a smarter move to educate your kids about the religion. There is nothing wrong with exposing them to facts about the religion, especially if it first comes from you. Your mother has already beaten you to it. Time to go on the offensive, not defensive.

    Don't let your Mum make you out to be the evil controlling one. Expose JWism for what it is. But do it gradually so you don't freak out the kids. Drop a hint here, a hint there. Point out what you felt were ludicrous principles in the Young People Ask book (If you need some pointers, start a new thread titled "Why I Shouldn't Take the YPA Book Seriously").

    If you can convince your kid to wanna throw the YPA book away himself, you've already won this first battle.


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