Ear ache...help!

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  • schne_belly

    For the past 24 hours I’ve had an ear ach in my right ear. My hearing is muffled and it’s starting to throb now. Last Saturday I went swimming in a lake and at first thought I had a case of swimmers ear. However I called the nurses hot line today and since it doesn’t itch, I was told that it was probably something else? Anyone have an idea what could be wrong? I’d appreciate suggestions on how to make the pain go away and get my hearing back. I’m not fond of “living in a tunnel” which is what it feels like.

  • damselfly

    Just because it doesn't itch doesn't mean that it's not infected. I'd get it checked out.


  • kls

    The nurse said it had to itch to be swimmers ear ? There are other symptoms and more links besides this one.

    I have 2 kids that are prone to swimmers ear and they never complained of itching. I am sure some do have it but non itching does not rule it out swimmers ear.

  • JH
  • HadEnuf

    Dr. HadEnuf says: Thee must taketh thyself to Dr. BUT...I have heard that if it is an ear infection...Dr.'s are not as prone to prescribe antibiotics for ear infections as they used to be. Sometimes it just clears up on it's own. Ibuprofen and heat will help the pain...but if it's really bad...it will only make a dent in it. Ear ache pain rates right up there with tooth aches. You have my sympathy. I still think a visit to the doctor would be wise if it is still bad tomorrow. I've had eardrops prescribed that really helped...without using antibiotics.

    cathy l.

  • parakeet

    See your doctor right away. Ear infections in adults can be much more serious than in children, and can result in deafness. My brother-in-law is deaf in his left ear because he self-treated an infection instead of seeking medical help.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Damselfly's right...get it checked out ... you wouldn't want to lose your hearing over something that's preventable.

    also, the wholeistic route...check this out:


  • xjwms

    I use ear drops

    form walgreens.

    It loosens the wax build up...and works for me.

  • damselfly

    In the meantime while you're dialing your doc, try putting a warm washcloth on the outside of the ear (this works for me) for others cold works better. Try them both and see which ones helps to ease the pain.
    Never put anything in your ear unless prescribed by a doc.

    Dams (recurrent ear infections/aches/swimmers ear survivor) LOL

  • schne_belly
    My brother-in-law is deaf in his left ear because he self-treated an infection instead of seeking medical help.

    Yikes....you are right, if it still hurts tomororw I'll go to the doc. I just hate waiting in urgent care for an hour just for them to tell me "I don't know".....

    In the mean time, I'll try some of the home remedies you guys suggested! THANKS!

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