Here is my families story

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi mama,

    Thankyou for sharing your story. Your dad obviously has quite a potential problem on his hands. I do hope thibgs work out well for him, and you.



  • LuciousJ

    Mama- I loved reading your story. It warmed my heart. I can sympathize in so many ways....the guilt, the feeling of 'what if'... the wishing I had lived differently growing up. Luckily, my father was never a JW and couldnt' stand the religion so we had sort of a 'double' lifestyle. However, when they divorced, I was forced to be different than the rest of the kids for a couple of years. You know....the whole sitting in a corner by yourself while everyone else ate cupcakes and sang 'happy b-day!' It was so humiliating. I had a very liberal mother who even though she was baptized in the 60's still had intuitions of what was proper treatment in this world of isolation. I, too, feel as though I am living through my children. For the past 7 years, we were trying to do the same, teaching our kids to make that stand and it was so hard (more on us than them I'm sure). Now that we've come 'out' of the org. and have allowed our kids to participate in the activities, we have never seen their faces shine so brightly. My husband & I got so choked up the first time they were part of a holiday at school (V-Day). We couldnt' believe what they & we were missing out on. So, you just hang in there my dear and your family too. There are so many wonderful people out there who now know the ABSOLUTE TRUTH and will support you and surround you with the UNconditional love that Jehovah originally meant there to be for us. Our hearts & prayers are always with you and yours.

    Love -

    LuciousJ & JDawg

  • JapanBoy

    Thanks for telling your story. It is very, very similar situation to my own except that I would fit the role of your Dad. I was DF'd last year and only have one of three JW employees left in my business. I has taken a toll on my business and I'm very worried about it.

    I too went to an appeal etc....and it was the worst thing that I ever did in my life....I regret appealing very much. Hope it all works out for you.


  • love2Bworldly

    Thanks for sharing your story. I was reinstated, but I was still treated like an outcast, maybe because I had married an unbeliever and had a baby--and so I didn't have a JW husband at the hall. I was really surprised how everyone said things like "Welcome Home" and a bunch of other BS when I was reinstated, but in truth people I had known for many years treated me differently and like I had a plague or something.

    Bottom line--they are NOT true Christians! Not Christ-like at all in their attitudes and behavior.

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