Garage Sales

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  • Stealth453

    Looky here what happened to this cute little pioneer sister

    Nice rack!!!!!

  • lisavegas420

    I don't go to Garage Sales nearly as much as I used to when my children were young.

    I still like them, I just don't have as much need.

    I also love estate auctions.


  • Jim_TX

    I got my fiancee 'hooked' on going to the local Goodwill's or Family Thrift stores.

    There are some really good bargains to be had - even name brand items - if you know what to look for. Plus, they have .99 day - where a certain color tagged item will only cost .99 at checkout. It mainly applies to clothing.

    Some Goodwill's are better than others... and their 'stock' changes on a weekly - or even daily - basis. They even have one Goodwill here where - every clothing item is 1.49 each.

    We've found some very expensive clothing items for very inexpensive prices - some still with the 'new tag' on them.


    Jim TX

  • LisaRose

    I have an antique and vintage business and get some of my treasures at garage and estate sales. It's a lot of fun and I also find great things for myself since I go to so many. I get upscale things that I couldn't afford or want to buy new. I have a good friend who also has a business (we are in the same co-op mall), so we often go together. It just amazes me that people buy so much stuff, then give it away at garage sales. Some of it never used or worn as it still has the price tags. My best deal lately was a jacket from Chico's, like new condition, perfect style for me. Cost at least $150 new, got it for $2.00. I get more compliments on that jacket than anything I bought new.

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