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  • Annie Over
    Annie Over

    Hi, I'm new,

    I'v been lurking for a few months, but something Jakes said about the 2005 WT caused me to think about what a brother said one sunday in one of the very last talks I attended in 2005. He said, "You have to believe what the society says, even if the Bible doesn't say it, because after all, they ARE your brothers". I was thinking about going back at the time, but that statement really floored me.

    That statement along with the unfair way I was treated has caused me not to go back to the meetings. But even so, I am still pretty much confused, as I still believe they have more truth than other religions. Someday I may tell you my experience, but at this time I don't even want to think about it.

    This is a great board and a very upbuilding bunch!! I'm so glad I found it.


  • Stealth453

    Hi Annie...welcome to the board. Good to have you here.

    I still believe they have more truth than other religions

    Give it some will soon see just how wrong they really are.

  • Hamboozled
    I still believe they have more truth than other religions

    I used to think that, but after doing a lot of research that I was to scared to do before........I feel different now. I pray for your spirtiual freedom to see the things my wife and I have seen lately. It will set you free from any guilt or doubt.

    Best wishes!

  • Outaservice

    Welcome. Just realize you're carrying a lot of Watchtower 'baggage' yet but the more you learn and research, you will come to realize that 'more truth' than anyone else is really a 'myth'. But it takes time and some effort to sort all that stuff out. It's like a picture puzzle. At first you cannot see the whole picture, but the more pieces that you put in, the clearer it becomes.

    Tell us your story someday.

    Outaservice (former Elder for many years)

  • arwen

    Welcome to the board. You will find a lot of information here that is kept hidden from you as a JW. This takes a while to process and believe but it is the truth about "the truth". Keep searching!

  • mariposa

    Hey Annie

    Glad you found this place too! I can relate to being treated unfairly as can many of the people here!

    Take your time to tell your story if you need to. I still haven't told mine


  • parakeet

    ***I am still pretty much confused, as I still believe they have more truth than other religions.***

    Being confused is good. It means you're starting to think for yourself again. Give yourself time, read as much as you can, and keep asking questions. You'll find your way.

  • juni

    Welcome Annie to the board.

    I agree w/the rest of the friends here. Don't be shy about asking questions or making personal comments or giving your opinion. We all give support to each other. And we have a good time.


  • serendipity

    Welcome Annie!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Annie, and welcome to the board

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