Is this what the society imagines will be above that 'secret hiding room' in the basement?

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  • Esse quam videri
  • runForever
    What's interesting about that picture is the way they are appealing to 'wordly' people. The survivors are clearly not witnesses. They are playing off popular survival shows and movies. Very deceptive.
  • hoser
    More fear mongering. I guess if it's worked for 130 years , why not continue?
  • sowhatnow

    I posted on yahoo answers a question.

    jw's , why are they hiding from?

    and an answer was, they aren't hiding , thats your interpretation, they are having a meeting.

    i thought wow, what a lame way to defend it.

    because after all, little girls are always fearful at meetings! lol


    Can't GOD vaporize bad people without destroying everything else??


  • OrphanCrow
    The survivors are clearly not witnesses.

    Please explain.

    It is not clear to me that the people are not witnesses. How do you come to that conclusion based upon the image?

  • WingCommander
    That woman clearly is NOT a JW. She is wearing denim pants! No respectable JW woman would be caught dead in denim outside!
  • OrphanCrow
    No respectable JW woman would be caught dead in denim outside!

    That must be regional. I see JW women in denim outside. Rural Canada.

    Besides....if the Big A is happening, maybe she didn't have time to change.

    I think that the assumption that 'they are clearly not witnesses' is a bit ridiculous and myopic.

    *to add - I am not disagreeing that JWs will label this woman as 'wordly' based upon her choice of fabric to cover her legs while she is running. What I find fascinating is the building of the 'myth' by the WTS - how, through social conditioning and repetitive notions of what constitutes 'witness' behavior from 'world' behavior', a 'witness' can spot the signs of worldly conduct simply by identifying the fabric of female attire.

    It is an amazing feat on the part of the WTS propaganda machine - to actually train and teach JWs to fabricate their own myth within an image. Fascinating.

    So...based on the woman's denim rather than other fabric...are the men non-witnesses too? By association? Or is denim a prohibited fabric for JW men, too?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    The image plays on the idea of the "end" being the result of man's destructive nature. There are no avenging angels nor any sign of supernatural intervention. This cover may engage those who expect a man made end. Once they are drawn by the content the hook may be set. It doesn't look so crazy that way. These guys deserve an end like that, one where they end up in jeans among the rubble. God is good because he slaughtered every one on earth, but them.
  • Finkelstein

    Why is it the WTS never creates pictures to what the bible exactly says is going to happen like dead people every where in including the elderly and children, perhaps with birds sitting in trees waiting in anticipation to peck and feast on the bodies .

    Thats what the bible says so why not be truthful and honest ?

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