Who Really Is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?

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    ***It is only logical that the slave could not be just one individual because he was to provide spiritual food from when the Christian congregtion began at Pentecost until the Master, Jesus, returned. Of course, that would be impossible for any one human to do.***

    What about Russell and Rutherford? Does one person responsible for the writing and distribution of spiritual food constitute a "class"? I don't think so. And don't give me the "brighter light" drivel. If there was no f&d "class" (i.e. more than one person) providing spiritual food then, then the f&d class must have been somewhere else, or maybe, just maybe, it never existed at all.

    parakeet, of the truth-about-the-truth-about-the-truth-about-the-truth class

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    Oh. I thought you were asking. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Carry on.

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    I'm not expected to read that, am I?

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    What makes you think many of us on here are interested?

  • okoakridge

    The MOST faithful and discrete slave was Christ who has also served continuously from after being born on earth up to this very second.

    Their assigning themselves the role of faithful and discrete slave is therefore blasphemy as they put themselves in the place Christ instead of beneath Christ.

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    Thirdwitness, aren't you the poster that dominates the remnant of the H2O DB?

    Are you going to try that here?

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    Thirdwitness, you should have an open discusion, here at JWD, with BrownBoy about this.


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