To all who still attend JW meetings

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  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    At one meeting the total in the boxes after the meeting was one pence........we had many local needs about the tight fistedness of the cong...

    no joke about the sum

  • Borgia

    From the congs I´ve been in, I know for certain, for I´ve seen the books, that there´s always the same people donating every month. If it were not for them, .............They are older now........some already have passed away, faded behind the veil.........

    I have contributed only a couple of times in my entire life. Even as a zealous JW I felt that offering my time and energy to the work I was doing, was more than enough recompense for the "food" I received each month. Contrary to what Paul had written, I served as a warrior at my own expense.



  • whatistruth
    they're not getting any of my hard earned cash

    Right on!!

  • ?me?

    for some reason, i have not ever contributed with money ( and i have been attending for 20 years now.) my wife and i do not give any money to the local congregation nor any at the conventions. i guess we never got any of the hints , or our parents have not passed that on to us. right now we are trying to build a hall and sometimes we get a talk to donate, but we are in a cong. that has very little extra money from the publishers. and it will only take 1.5 mill to build a hall.(sarcasm)

    if the wts can sell land and condo's for millions, they do not need the money, and our current borrowed hall is paid for , so the upkeep is cheap.


    btw, i do donate hundreds of dollars worth of labor to the local rbc as i am a skille laborer.

    i work about every other month on a job that i would normally make 3 or 4 hundred dollars on .

  • Justice-One
    Do you still put donations in the contribution box?

    Sometimes I will put a dollar in. With an "Appostate" Flyer inside it. LOL.

  • sspo

    No, for two years

  • SirNose586

    I used to give an average of about $5 a month. Now it is zero. Not much of a change.

  • wannaexit
    Do you still put donations in the contribution box?


    I haven't put a penny in since 2002. And they will never see a penny from me ever again.

  • Honesty

    I quit giving a couple of years before I escaped.

    A brother told me that a person's money is where their heart is.

    I never donated another dime because my heart knew something was wrong with the Watchtower Society.

    It took a couple of years to figure out enough things are wrong about the Watchtower Society that being shunned by family and friends was worth escaping from the jw's.

  • jwfacts

    Before leaving I made a note to stock up my Watchtower Library without donating, thought it was time to start getting something back for all the years and money wasted in full time service.

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