No Resurrection For Disfellowshipped?

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  • blondie

    w77 6/1 pp. 347-348 Mourning and Funerals—For Whom? ***

    But suppose a disfellowshiped person had been giving some evidence of genuine repentance and had been coming to the meetings and manifesting a desire to be reinstated in the congregation. Then, if the elders felt that it would not disturb the peace and harmony of the congregation nor bring reproach upon God’s people, there would be no objection to an elder’s giving a talk. How are they to know whether Jehovah has already forgiven him or not, since there is some evidence of repentance? Properly, the elders may have been waiting, wanting to make sure that his seeming repentance was sincere. Obviously, each case being different, it would need to be judged on its own merits. Of course, if a funeral talk is given, care would need to be taken not to dwell on personal matters nor to make any positive statements about whether he will be resurrected. But a fine Scriptural presentation and witness could certainly be given.

  • anewme

    If in your own spirit God's Holy Spirit calls to you and beckons you to heavenly realms and all the Holy Writings seem like personal letters from God to you and when the bread and wine are passed yearly before your eyes and you are compelled to partake, then you have the Holy Spirit!

    Now, if this spirit lives and dwells in you and you turn your back on this holy spirit which is an undeserved gift to you and means everlasting life in the heavens with JC and the holy angels and you actually do ungodly things right in front of the H.S. which dwells in your heart and soul then you have pointed the middle finger to God so to speak and must suffer untold misery and anguish for your unspeakable sin!

    Who of us felt the H.S. in our souls? I was starved for contact with God! Im sure many of you felt terribly alone in the final months weeks and days before your departure. No heavenly reward was calling out to me or you!

    Fear tactics is all it is. First they tell us we dont have the Holy Spirit and then they say we dont qualify for heaven. Then they tell us if we sin against (their?) holy spirit we will not get resurrected if we die out of the org.

    What a total religious ripoff!!

  • DannyHaszard

    I would never want to be resurrected back to a Watchtower world.

    Mark my words Jesus!

  • sspo

    Nothing but personal opinions on the part of everyone.

    Enjoy what remaining life you have and don't worry about the rest

  • Grace

    When I DA'ed myself, the PO called me many times to convince me otherwise (I refused to allow them into my home). In our last conversation, he told me I have no hope of resurrection and that I am condemned to die for all eternity. I asked, "You are deciding who lives and who is this different than the Nazis?" He took offense to the question and said that Jehovah makes it quite clear that I am condemned for all eternity, that I should live a life without any hope at all.

    They will go to any extremes to make sure no one questions their direction. This is why I left in the first place.


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