My marriage is over because Jehovah was not the third string

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  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101
    I think the third cord is really the Watchtower Society.

    Exactly right! Interfering with things they have no right to be involved in! Unfortunately often the WTS is the more dominant partner in the relationship, asserting its wishes on one or both partner, rather than the couple having respect for each other to discuss things between themselves.

    CS 101

  • Carmel

    We removed the picture of my mother-in-law from my wifes' dresser in the bedroom. Seems even that intrusion was inhibiting. Can't imagine Jehovah as a voyeur!!

    carmel who made it 43 years married to the same woman without the Big J involved.

  • sspo

    I always told my wife that there are plenty of marriages out in the world that are very happy.

    As a matter of fact if you check statistics, atheist have a higher success in their marriage, without God,

    So called Christian which include JW's and born again fail miserably

  • done4good

    Percentage wise, marriages are probabbly more succesful outside of the org. They are CERTAINLY more happy. Most dubs I know, (if not divorced), are NOT happy in thier marriage. They married because they HAD to, they stayed together because they HAD to. That's it. It dosen't work, period. My second time around (to my "worldy" fiance), promises to be infinately happier than my jw marriage ever was.


  • LisaRose

    I left the JW's and married an unbeliever. 6 years and the honeymoon is still going strong. I couldn't be happier. Don't need no 'third string'

  • myelaine

    "carmel who made it 43 years married to the same woman without the Big J involved."

    You walk into the room

    With your pencil in your hand

    You see somebody naked

    And you say, "Who is that man?"

    You try so hard

    But you don't understand

    Just what you'll say

    When you get home

    But you don't know what it is

    Do you, Mister Jones?

    And you ask, "Is this where it is?"

    And somebody points to you and says

    "It's his"

    And you say, "What's mine?"

    And somebody else says, "Where what is?"

    And you say, "Oh my God

    Am I here all alone?"

    But you don't know what it is

    Do you, Mister Jones?

    And you go watch the geek

    Who immediately walks up to you

    When he hears you speak

    And says, "How does it feel

    To be such a freak?"

    And you say, "Impossible"

    As he hands you a bone

    But you don't know what it is

    Do you, Mister Jones?

    Among the lumberjacks

    To get you facts

    When someone attacks your imagination

    But nobody has any respect

    Anyway they already expect you

    To just give a check

    To tax-deductible charity organizations

    And they've all liked your looks

    With great lawyers you have

    Discussed lepers and crooks

    You've been through all of

    F. Scott Fitzgerald's books

    You're very well read

    It's well known

    But you don't know what it is

    Do you, Mister Jones?

    And then he kneels

    He crosses himself

    And then he clicks his high heels

    And without further notice

    He asks you how it feels

    And he says, "Here is your throat back

    Thanks for the loan"

    But you don't know what it is

    Do you, Mister Jones?

    Shouting the word "NOW"

    And you say, "For what reason?"

    And he says, "How?"

    And you say, "What does this mean?"

    And he screams back, "You're a cow

    Give me some milk

    Or else go home"

    But you don't know what it is

    Do you, Mister Jones?

    Like a camel and then you frown

    You put your eyes in your pocket

    And your nose on the ground

    There ought to be a law

    Against you comin' around

    You should be made

    To wear earphones

    But you don't know what it is

    Do you, Mister Jones?

    (bob dylan, ballad of a thin man)

  • candidlynuts

    most jw marriage start with a proposal like this

    two chaperoned teens sitting on moms sofa

    " lets get married so we can have sex"


  • gumby

    I left "the truth" in about 95'. Before that, my wife and I argued and bitched at each other quite often. Since I left the "truth" and Jehovah, we don't argue and fight anymore. I guess jehovah made more of a knot in our marriage rather than a binding third cord.


  • Soledad

    Dear Chastity

    You are blasphemous, rude, caustic and too damn outspoken for your own good.

    You are now my best friend

    Let me know if you ever get a response to that letter!

  • Chasity1

    Hi all. Well I got a reaction out of them. Funny thing is I got a reaction from my ex husband as well. I had him served with divorce papers at work. So I have been waiting from all 3 to blast away at me and it finally happened on the same day too. It sure took my ex husband long enough.

    Lets start with mom.


    That is all she said. So I replied:

    You still did not answer my question. Is it because you know a JW marriage is just as likely to fail as a marriage in the big bad "world".

    My sister

    A certain scripture comes to mind about not throwing pearls before swine........think about it Chas.....that's what apostates are Chasity.....swine.

    My reply

    I rather be a pig than a user and manipulator. I wrote all about you on this website. Read all about it.

    What does Jehovah think of this???

    No reply as of yet and I don't expect one.

    And my ex husband. I won't copy/paste the things he wrote to me but bottom line he went from being really angry at me to completely feeling sorry for himself and its all my fault our marriage is the way it is and he will not give me a divorce. He says he will fight it and wants me to take him back. Not happening. I told him to get a lawyer. If my mom or sister reply I will post it.

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