The meaning of the word "version"

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  • moomanchu

    The JW bible isn't a translation It's a New World Translation.

    I think calling a bible a version is more accurate because there is always a little bias from the translators.

    There never is a perfect translation from one language to another.

    The JWs are arrogant and proud of their perfect translation.

  • Earnest

    I would suggest that all bible translations are versions, but not all versions are translations. If there is a car accident you may have several versions of the same event, which are all accurate but don't necessarily use the same words. Possibly, the distinction that was being made was that the NWT is by and large a literal translation whereas some other translations are paraphrased.

    Interestingly, I think it could be argued that while the English NWT is a translation from the original languages, the NWT in most other languages are versions of the English NWT and not translations from the original languages.


  • Satanus

    I found that the king james was more accurate than the nwt. The nrsv was even better.


  • IP_SEC

    All bibles are versions not all versions are translations.

    A translation means that a group of scholars (or not ) translated their work from the original bible languages (Heb, Greek, and Ara).

    Some bibles are paraphrase

    Some are not translations like the the modernized KJV. Its just an updated version of the original KJV.

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