I just discovered Guns n' Roses

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  • Dave_T

    I don't know Lawn Mower Death, Seether and Trivium (shame on me!). Nirvana's Nevermind was my favorite one when I was a teenager. Got me a lot of problem in the congregation. The word "nivana" had a tendency to make them nervous. I like all the Guns n' Roses records of the Slash era. Nick Cave and the Bad Seed. Metallica is great even though their last records have a very different flavor. Radiohead: I looove The Bends. What a great band! I don't know if there are many people like me and diamondblue in this forum, but once in while I have to play a CD and let the music wash through me. To me it's like breathing.

  • funkyderek


    Ah the memories! I loved Guns and Roses - I had to burn the Use your Illusion albums twice once when 16 and again when 17 or 18!

    And that's when burning albums meant more than just music piracy


    G-n-R were great. I saw them live at The Roxy just before Appetite for Destruction was released, what a show. I hadn't seen a bad with that much raw power since Motley Crue. Too bad they couldn't hold it together.

  • Beachbender

    music was my downfall being a JW, and part of the reason I left! I moved in with a drummer who played in a local band where I lived at the time, shame on me!!!!

    Now I`m married to a musician who plays out all the time, ( rhythm guitar & lead singer). Long live rock~n~roll!! "welcome to the jungle" is still a fav. of GNR for me.

  • daystar


    What a great flashback in me you just caused! You are spot on. GNR seemed to me to be a bridge at the time as well. Honestly, I can't stand any of their music now though.

  • beachbum

    Guns and Roses helped me feel numb when I needed to be. As I was disassociating myself and my mother's temper was flaring, I'd hum internally one of their many songs. Think I may have upgrade from the cassette to the CD, as issues seem to be resurfacing...

  • thecarpenter

    It's funny, I almost started feeling like a teenager again listening to all this 80's rock. I told some of my coworkers the other day about my experience leaving the witnesses and rediscovering a lot of bands that were big hits in the 80's and 90's. They laughed real hard and made some good suggestions on some bands and what I needed to do (a little x-rated... horny carpenters
    ) and activities that they know I would enjoy. (one guy really wanted me to try skydiving... this was something I always wanted to try. He's done it several times before and loves it.)

  • tijkmo
    I just couldn't stand the excesses of "November Rain," and especially that video that went on forever with the guitar solo that has aerial zoom-ins of Slash about 20 times

    ha...you're wrong....lol....november rain is brill

    as is aerosmiths what it takes..

    power ballads...without them life just aint worth livin

  • daniel-p
    I just discovered Guns n' Roses

    Did you also just discover whitewashed jeans, cheap beer, and tattoo parlours?

    ooooooh, I know that was low.... just couldn't help it. btw, Axl sounds like a frog nowadays.

  • thecarpenter

    Is that anyway to talk to a nice witness boy???
    Jehovah is going to strike you down you poztate bastard!

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