JW since 1946 can't recall any DC focusing so much on the end of the world

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  • blondie
    In her 60 years as a Witness, Diane Warren, 83, of Camden, can't recall any convention focusing so much on the end of the world.

    So she was a JW since 1946...............did she sleep during 1966-1975? (60 years as a Witness not a Christian)


    Milagros Torres, 31, of Camden, was one of 51 people who were baptized Saturday. The mother of two said her love for her God, Jehovah, moved her to dedicate her life to him. "I want to do right by my children. I have two boys and I want to be in paradise with my two boys," Torres said.



    km 6/75 p. 2 Faithfulness—Our Way of Life ***

    How much more time we have for preaching the good news before the outbreak of the "great tribulation," we cannot say. We know we are deep into the time of the end and the time is very short.

    *** km 12/75 p. 2 Your Service Meetings ***

    Today we are fast approaching the end of the entire wicked system.


    km 5/74 p. 3 How Are You Using Your Life? ***

    Yes, the end of this system is so very near!

    Day 2 1975 Convention

    3:30 "Jehovah Is My Helper; I Will Not Be Afraid"
    (See WT 8-15-76 pages 492-502)

    4:35 "Keep Awake, that You May Succeed in Escaping"

    Day 3

    11:50 Facing the "Great Tribulation" with Confidence
    (See WT 1-15-77 pages 40-49)

    3:00 Keeping Your Family United in the Time of the End

    3:30 DRAMA: "Keep Your Senses," and Go On Building with the Greater Noah

    4:35 Discourse: Our Refuge Under the Incorruptible "Kingdom of the Heavens"
    (See WT 11-15-75 pages 685-697)
    (RELEASE: "Man's Salvation Out of World Distress at Hand!" (book))

    Day 4

    12:00 Fix Your Heart on the Things Hoped For

    One World, One Government, Under God's Sovereignty
    (See WT 10-15-75 pages 611-623)


  • observador

    "I have two boys and I want to be in paradise with my two boys"

    No no no no no. She can't do that! That's the wrong reason.


  • sir82
    Diane Warren, 83...can't recall

    I think that's the key right there.

    I suspect she has trouble recalling where she left her glasses, or parked the car, or had for lunch last Thursday...

  • carla

    What do you guys say about this dc? Do you think it focuses more on the end than previous years? Hard for me to tell the all seem like that to me. It seems to me that the main focus is the end is near and every year they add some other recycled rule. Last year the theme was college is bad and this year no porn, and stay away from the apostates on the internet. (do they realize that to have to have a worldwide speech about porn being bad that it looks like their members must have a real porn problem?)

  • blondie

    carla, I was an adult JW in 1975 and I can remember all the hype between 1966 and 1975. I posted the talks at the DC in 1975 above.

    They also make a big deal in the "public" talk about the King of the North attacking the JWs (specifically anointed JWs) which the WTS has been advertising for years. Since the King of the North is now unidentified by the WTS (for past incarnations to the Daniel Prophecy book), gullible JWs think the end is near.


  • minimus

    Blondie, you give way too much credit to JWs. I don't think they could easily come to that conclusion. Most are not researchers and could not put 2 and 2 together if they tried.

  • blondie

    But then, min, they advertise themselves as good Bible students, better than any person they call on in the d2d..................

    Don't need to be a Bible researcher, just have half a brain and a memory that isn't selective.


  • jgnat

    Here in Edmonton we are undergoing our third or fourth prosperity boom. I was here in the eighties when our last boom went bust. Many real estate speculators lost their shirts in that one. When my banker tried to sell me on another loan based on the inflated value of my home, I told him, "I remember the eighties". He blithely replied, "I was not here then."

    Maybe an abbreviated seense of history is a human failing. Me, I refuse to forget.

  • minimus

    Maybe the half a brain thing's the problem.

  • Seeker4

    Even when I was a Witness we used to joke about the brainless ones who would return from every DC saying, "Wasn't that just the best convention ever!?"
    To be truthful, most of us couldn't distinguish one DC from any other.
    These poor souls living their entire lives in expectation of something that will never happen, trying hard to make it happen by wishful thinking where every new earthquake or war or famine gets them all excited.
    I wasn't like that as a JW and I really can't stand it now!

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