This just tears too deep into my gut...

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  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    I want to thank all of you again I haven’t replied to person: anewme, spectrum, juni, warlock, jgnat, lovesdubs, serendipity – all members of a special tribe – for sharing soulfully.

    What I did not tell you is that this guy is far away from whatever family he still has, having just moved out to the USA only a couple of years ago, and has also just lost his job… His mother will soon not be around any more, releasing family ties even more… at the age of fifty… I know his circumstances of being disfellowshipped are the very reason that might plunge him into loneliness even more. Holding on to some sort of hope or identifying with some group might be all that is left. There are limits to resilience…being all alone…

    Hi Megadude:

    The really sad thing is believing that the only hope in this existence comes from believing dishonest liars and poor writers at a publishing company in New York.”

    This is not the only hope of course. Any hope will do fine. But all of those hopes tend to be razed in the wake of enlightenment. WTS often destroys faith.


    I have had the privilege of briefly encountering your hugs for real… fleeting passages, hugs in a hallway… still resonating.

    (((sspo))) My beautiful wife left me when I went back into JW. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    Hi Ross , thanks for the link. I have very little time to keep up with JWD these days.


    Yes, the mourning after… Please keep well

    Crump: I’ll won’t be able to resist coaxing him onto this board – I would not want to rob him of the possibility of true friendships that are to be forged here.

  • Crumpet

    Van Gogh - he already has a great friend in you and if he does come and see us guys then he may one day want to meet some of the lovely folks here in person over in the USA.

    hugs xxxx

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