What rebellious actions did you or other do in your congregation?

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  • JH

    What rebellious actions did you or other do in your congregation, not enough to be disfellowshipped, but went a little too far. Sometimes we have to unwind

    I remember sitting in a brothers car. He was proud of his Cadillac, and although the speed limit was 100 km/h or 62 mph, he was driving at 100 MPH for miles on the highway. We were 5 witnesses in the car and no one said, hey brother, you could get us killed, or you're not respecting the law.

    It seemed to be his way to unwind and show that he had a powerful car.

    I never stopped going to bars, even when I joined the JW's. I never drank more than 1 or 2 beers, but had this need to go out and see people my age in a different environment and talk about different things.

  • love11

    I went to see a psychologist. An elder gave a talk about that one. Whoah, I'm a rebel!

  • love11

    Me and my family gave a 1950's theme party (non-alcoholic) without their permission. The young and old came, an older couple said what a nice time they had and that they wished there were more get- togethers like this. We were all called into an elders meeting later. We wondered why the whole congregation came, but not one elder and his family came. It was a set up...they could have come to us prior to the party and told us any concerns they had, but they waited till after the party to scold us. The kids could come in costumes instead of the 1950's, which was fun since they weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween. (It wasn't around October either) We were called in because we didn't get their permission and because one boy came dressed as a woman. They said, "Didn't you wonder why no elders were there?" But they didn't know prior to the party about the boy's costume. Hmmm........too bad it's against Jehovah to even have good clean fun!!!

  • Finally-Free
    They said, "Didn't you wonder why no elders were there?"

    That explains why everyone had a good time.

    My ex rebelled against the congregation elderettes by organizing a baby shower for someone. She was repeatedly told that our hall didn't do baby showers, but she did it anyway. I encouraged her to go ahead, as I didn't believe anyone had the authority to say anything about it. If someone didn't like the idea they didn't need to come.

    It was one of the best attended functions ever. Only the 4 elderettes didn't show up.


  • Warlock

    We had a costume party, also. It might have been a '50's theme, but I don't remember. It was back in the mid 1980's. I think an elder or 2 showed up. I don't remember any problems with it, but it was never done again.

    That was one of the best times we ever had, along with "Congregation Picnics" until they started with the "Congregation Book Study" sized gatherings. They really screwed up the "fellowship" we used to have.

    Things were pretty good in our congregation in the '80's.

    The "Killjoys" screwed it all up.

    Warlock (getting pissed)

  • parakeet

    Dated and married a "worldly" man. Best thing I ever did.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    this may be a bit off the subject, but I remember once I went to a Witness gathering, for the youth, they were playing stupid games like holding up a watchtower or Awake and you had to guess what month, and reading bible scriptures and you had to guess what book and more points if you guess chapter and verse. I was so sick of it all, they even had a guard at the door in case any worldly people tried to enter, I told the guy at the door to let me know if any worldly people show'd up I'd leave with them, Can you believe they actually had walkie talkies?? Anyway my parents made me go, I flipped off the kid who was the host of the party got my ass kicked by my dad, it was so freaken funny I wish I had a video camera.

  • HadEnuf

    My baptized son married an "unbaptized publisher" (raised in the "truth") and all hell broke loose. My son was "marked" without any counsel from the elders. The wedding shower was boycotted by all wives of MS's and Elders and their friends. The "marking" talk was given the week before the wedding in two local congregations and people were told not to attend...in so many words. Yup. The loving, kind, Christian congregation.

    Though this still burns me up...I also can be happy that it was the event that propelled us out of the org.


  • undercover
    Me and my family gave a 1950's theme party (non-alcoholic) without their permission.

    I remember when I was a kid, that for a couple of years in a row, there were costume parties in our congregation. A party hall was rented and decorated, everyone dressed up in cool costumes...from Star Trek characters to Frankenstein and the Mummy to one super-righteous MS who came as a Bible character (which one I don't remember, they all looked alike..like a refugee from a convention drama).

    The first year there must not have been any issues because a year later another one was planned and everyone had a blast again. Then came the COs visit which coincided a week or so after the party. I was young but I remember hearing the murmuring about how the elders got chewed out for allowing such a party to happen and there was a local needs part on remaining free of the world's influences or some such nonsense.

  • undercover

    Rebellious acts that I remember right off hand(not counting all the music, movies, etc that I owned, watched, listened to):

    Several of my friends got married in a two summer span so we were attending quite a few weddings for a while. Following the advice of the WTS and/or the elders, alcohol was not served at the receptions, except one which had a cash bar. So, being the rebellious younguns we were(19 or 20), we snuck alcohol in. Airplane bottles, flasks, whatever would fit in a suit pocket. Then we'd spike our soft drinks. I remember one reception we got pretty loaded and we were drinking straight from the airplane bottles on the dance floor in full view of everyone. Somehow we never got in trouble.

    We had an impromtu wet t-shirt contest at a congregation picnic. I was about 17 or so and there were a couple of sisters there about the same age. It was a really hot day, no breeze, high humidity, just too damn hot to be outside. Me and a buddy got to throwing cups of water on each other when one of the girls got cute and dumped a big cup of water on my head. I grabbed an empty chicken bucket (like you get at KFC), filled it with water and chased her down. I was gonna dump it on her head, but I realized she was wearing a white t-shirt. So I laid in wait, she came around the corner, I got her good...and she looked good. I can still picture them, er, her, today twenty some years later. I did get in trouble for that one.

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