Why Do Inactive Ones Sometimes Go Back To The Organization?

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  • silversurfer1

    I've seen a woman endure physical and sexual abuse and her children physical, emotional and mental abuse. Practically all her family are JW's. So she endures this pain, feeling trapped with no place to go. I've seen a woman endure 30 years living with a man who was df'd and drunk almost every day. She stayed with him until she died. Both women lived in misery, you could see it in there face all the time. Just two examples of people who feel they can't leave abuse. I know a man who endures a wife that physically attacks him, calls him all types of names, withholds sex for months sometimes a year at a time, falls asleep during their family studies. Yet, he's still there, because his JW training tells him he must. The JW org. does not set out to be abusive but it is. And like these individuals I mention, most JW's feel they have no where to go (Luke6:66-68 taken way out of context and mis-applied) so they stay and endure the spiritual abuse. For those who break free it's unfortunate if they get sucked back. But you need to understand why you left, or why you where put out. Study to confirm your new and rising doubts about this group or how the their choice of discipline is not scriptural. To rediscover who you where before joining this group or discover who you could become now, now that you can explore who you are with out condemnation from others (the JW's). A person needs to heal and develope a positive and healthy feeling about oneself. Learning to still need others w/o being dependent on them for you happines, irregardless of who they are is also important, at least to me. I think these factors help an individual to leave and realise in time that you don't have to go back to that. I don't miss this group one bit and I grew up in the org. I won't go back for any friendship or family ties or feelings of guilt or for a lack of friends somewhere else, fear. etc. I know some of these things can weild overwhelming power over a person and so they may return. IF one does not create a new life for oneself I could see them returning to the old life they are familiar with.

  • garybuss

    There are people like my dad. He likes being a Witness. He likes bad literature. He likes boring meetings and hard chairs. He likes watching kids being beat and he likes hanging out with mean people.
    Some people take "sin" vacations. They never "leave".
    After vacation is over they go back to work, because essentially, they like being Witnesses.

  • Swan

    I think they think that there is still chocolate pudding at the conventions. Once they find out they have to pack their own #$%&! lunch they will leave again.


  • tough time
    tough time

    right on silversurfer

  • Brymichmom

    It is the most ironic thing that JW's can "leave" this organization, live a lifestyle that is very contrary to WT teachings, (be it abusing drugs, alcohol, etc...) and they thing that bothers them the most is they don't want to be an "apostate". They can be anything else, whether it be criminal, or whatever, but they behave that to "stop believing" and check out other information critical of the Watchtower IS the "unforgivable sin" of apostasy. That is the most scary thing to them.

  • Stealth453

    Why does a dog eat it's own vomit?

  • blondie

    For many of the same reasons that

    Abused wives go back to their abusive husbands

    Abused children want to stay with their abusive parents

    It's a matter of understanding the psychology of abuse, including spiritual abuse.


  • minimus

    Blondie, you are so right about abusive relationships. JWs are truly an abused bunch.

  • mama1119

    I know a girl who could just never get over the guilt part of leaving, so now she is studying again (even though she is baptized, used to be a pioneer and never got df). Her husbad is not a dub and I guess they get along really great and I would hate to see her ruin her marraige with it.

  • mama1119

    And I know another girl whose Mother would just not let it go. She was out for 6 years, having kids, living with dudes and whatnot and was reinstated within 3 months of attending again. Poor Thing!

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