Why Do Inactive Ones Sometimes Go Back To The Organization?

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  • done4good

    Basically, those that go back to the org. after a period of inactivity do this because they never did any research during that period. Most, decide that they are just too weak to comply with the rules and go off and "do thier own thing" for a while. I have a good friend who is still a jw, and after 8 years of being inactive in the '80s came back to the org. He still tries to tell me that people he knew who left the org. still believe it is "the truth", they just can't do it. My challenge to him was in the form of presenting some information to him concerning 607. This more than got his attention. More to follow...


  • Robdar

    Maybe they miss their friends. Maybe they miss the love and the sense of belonging that they had when they attended on a regular basis.

  • thecarpenter

    Well, it seems that there are a lot of reasons why people leave and come back.

    Last week I attended my first yahoo ex-jw meetup group and met several inactive ones and some df'ed ones. One left because of the lack of love by the elders and friends, another because of the gossip and over controlling elders, others were df'ed for immoral conduct. Interestingly when I spoke with all of them, none had done any real research on the society, they were angry at the organization for various personal reasons. I started telling them a little about the history of the organization, about Ray Franz's books, doctrinal problems and so on. They were kind of surprised to hear some of the stuff I mentioned and at least one of them wanted to check out this site.

    Even after our converstion, some of them wanted to go back because of family and friends, although they said that they really didn't believe in the society much anymore. I explained to them what fading was and they liked the idea. Having family under bOrg control really sucks.

  • minimus

    "Lack of love" is a biggie.

  • slimboyfat

    I went on the ministry for the first time in months this week.

    I am no longer inactive.


  • minimus

    What does that mean? "I went ON the ministry"???

  • slimboyfat


    I can appreciate the ambiguity...



  • mariposa

    I was inactive for about 2 years and was on my way back when I found this place. I was inactive beacuse I just couldn't cut it and figured I wasn't good enough to keep up with all the spiritual rules guidelines. So for 2 years I lived in fear that I would die in the big A, Jehovah's big thumb would come down and smush me. I drank myself silly, went back to smoking and somewhere in there got married to a worldly guy and had a little girl.

    I figured I don't mind if I die but I don't want my little munchkin to suffer the same fate. All I thought about was this one article about a woman who had a baby and went back...I kept repeating it over and over in my head and decided it would be the best path for me. So I was planning on going back when I did the NO-NO. Googled the dubs on the internet...and here I am.

    I think everyone has their own reasons for wanting to go back to the org.

  • mavie

    For me, the only thing keeping me in right now is family. I suspect that many inactive ones return for family.

  • delilah

    I think sometimes it has everything to do with lack of friends, fear and guilt. After all, we've been told repeatedly over the years, bad association, the end is coming, where do you want to be when it strikes?, blah, blah, blah.

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