Were your parents a different religion before JDubism?

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  • Crumpet

    I know an awful lot here are 3rd and 4th generation - but were there any who's parents become dubs as adults? And do you know why? I'd be interested to here what it was that made an adult become a JW when not brought up that way?

    I'll relate my parents experience shortly...but its something I;ve been thinking about a lot.

  • Jim_TX

    Yup. When I was a wee lad... around 5 or so... my folks (well, my mom) started 'studying' with the local JWs.

    I remember that we then moved to the Hill Country - near Kerrville, TX - and she continued to study with the folks up there.

    I barely remember those days, but _do_ remember one or two Christmass's and an Easter.

    My mom and dad were Baptist's before my mom became a JW.


    Jim TX

  • Crumpet

    Thanks JIM!

    I dont think there is necessarily an overall pattern. Do you know what turned your folks off Baptists and on to JWs - was there a particular belief they preferred?

    My mother was raised as a JW but my father was an atheist until his late teens. He said it was the truth book that changed his life and beliefs. I think perhaps there was more to it than that ... a happy atheist isn;t going to start believing in God just like that.

    And now its come full circle and I am atheist.

  • Dave_T

    My parents were catholics (my father's Italian) and I was baptized a catholic too. When I was 9, my parents' marriage started to crumble and my mother prayed for help. A few minutes later, two J-Dubs knocked on the door and she saw that as a sign. I think you can guess the rest of the story. She thinks the organization saved her marriage. Funny thing: my father never got baptized but he is as overzealous as an elder.
    The whole family are still Jehovah's Witnesses and so, I've not been able to see my 9 year-old sister for years. But I'm drifting off the topic.
    I think maybe people convert to the JW cult because they are going through hard times that weaken them and/or they feel a spiritual void in their lives.

  • Crumpet

    Thanks for sharing your experiences DAVE and sorry that like me this means you cant see your younger sibling.

    I agree definitely vulnerable people are those that will look for this kind of crutch.

  • Dave_T

    I remember a few Chrismases and birthdays too. Say, Jim, did your mom convert your dad like my mother did my father? Thanks, Crumpet. It's nice to know that there are people who can relate. Do you have any idea what really changed your father's perspective on religion if you don't mind me asking? Maybe a particular event?

  • Crumpet

    Well its really hard to find out since I cant ask him any questions now we're not permitted to speak, but I think maybe he was an atheist because his parents didnt really adhere to religion much and I think his mum might have been overly fond of the sherry and died when I was only 1.

    Perhaps he was just atheist because he felt there wasn't much evidence of God? I wish I knew really ... I wonder how he'd feel knowing that despite all his efforts that I am now an atheist.

  • bubble

    My parents were greek orthodox before becoming dubs. My dad's aunt and uncle came in first and were of the anointed and they converted the rest of the extended family. Now only a handful of my family aren't dubs, the rest all got suckered in hook,line and sinker.

    I think everlasting life was what brought them all in. Heck knows whats keeping them there now!

    Hope this answers your question.

  • looking_glass

    Before my grams became a JW (at an early age), she was a pentecostal. The snake charming, tongue speaking, walk over hot coals kind. So she just went from one wacky religion to another.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Crumpet, My parents were Catholic. My mother wanted to be a Carmelite nun, and order that go preaching, so becoming a JW was not much of a change. They were in there twenties and got baptised during hype of the early 1970's. They felt the doctrine was more accurate than that of the Catholics, and I guess the bible study regime of the Witnesses makes a person know more doctrinally than they did as a Catholic.

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