Have you had a Blood Transfusion?

by Wordly Andre 14 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • minimus

    NO WAY.......but I would if I need it!

  • rocky220

    In 1997, due to hemmorages caused by fibroid tumor, my hemocrit was 7, those of you with medical back ground would understand why the doctors were freaking out to see me still walking. I was admitted and given 4 pints of blood to avoid cardiac fibrillation.......my poor mother [50+ years in the troof] grab her chest at the sight of the transfusion hanging from the pole and ran home...she eventually got over it. Yes, i'm alive, healthy, no AIDS or any other of the myriad of diseases claimed as complications. I had partial hystectomy later on in 1998, and I was like brand new! Ironic, if I were still in the Troof....it could have been a very different if not sad outcome, since I am an only child. You can say that being DF'd later on save my life! Thank you WTBS!!!!!!

    rocky220[from the living life in the REAL world class]

  • parakeet

    Not yet (knock on wood).
    Wow, Rocky. Glad you're still here to tell the tale. I think back on my childhood and realize now how extremely lucky I and my siblings were that we were healthy and avoided serious accidents. I'm not sure how I would cope with the knowledge now if any of my sibs had died because of the blood doctrine.

  • sass_my_frass

    Haven't had one, but I'd accept it if I needed to.

  • karen96

    I haven't needed one, but honestly, this has been on my mind alot recently.

    I keep thinking back to the blood booklet we studied at the BS. I can excuse the scripture as not including a transfusion, I have no problem with that. It's all the supposedly "medical facts" that brochure had in it that said blood was bad. If anyone can point me to information that debunks what the borg said in the brochure, I would be very interested.


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