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  • oldflame


    Hey man I can relate to your pain. My mother is also a witnoid. I love my mother very much and after I left the cult I received a rashing of evilness like I have never seen from my mother. Oh she has done her evil deeds in the past to all my siblings and to me too but none like I went through when I left the cult. She hurt me deeply by attacking the very morals and beliefs that I hold so dear and close. You actually have had it pretty easy so far as much as I know about your side considering what I went through by my mother.

    I never knew that my mother could be so evil but she is. All because I quit a cult ! So my dear friend I know just how you feel. My best advice to you is to just keep being who you are, be true to yourself, stand strong for your beliefs and hopefully someday your mother will come around. You should feel so lucky not to have a mother like mine but even through the fog I still love my mother, not because of what she does or does not do but because she is the one who gave me life.

    I pray for you and I hope for you that you will find peace within yourself. Try to find forgiveness for your mothers actions and you will then find that peace within yourself and it does help you understand where she is coming from. It is a control from a cult and is not your real mother who has or is doing the things you are enduring. Pray for your mother and maybe she will be a different person towards you in the future.


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I went through a particularly nasty time with my mother and sister back in Dec/Jan when they finally realized that I no longer wanted to be a JW. The things that came out of their mouths was putrid.

    I made it clear to them that the decision to cut me out of their lives was theirs, not mine. The only thing that changed in my life was that I was never going back to the meetings etc. They were still my mother and sister, but if they wanted to change the relationship it was their decision. My door was always open.

    I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my life. I expected to feel hurt/pain etc, but it was relief.

    It didn't take them long to come around and apologize for what they said/did and ask to be a part of my life again. The relationship is not the same as it was before, but we do have one now. There are boundaries, we do not talk about religion at all. She doesn't talk about the meetings, never mentioned the new release at the assembly or even offer me one.

    It can happen that your mother will come around.


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    Very moving! I was born into the JW org, but the one thing I always know is that my mom loves me. Even though I don't believe as she does. The part that stings is she picks this organization over the love of a family member because they tell her that is how it should be, which contradicts so much in the bible. After a long talk with her on Tuesday she said I will always love you, but what we will have in common with you after you leave the "truth"? I said, I guess the fact that we are family, blood, and you are the person that gave me life gives us nothing in common? Her response was...."Jehovah gave you life". I said "It is not Jehovah I am leaving", it is an organization that I personally feel displeases him! It destroys families that is for sure.

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